Web Hosting is being outsourced to Hosts in Kolkata for Cheap Rates

Web hosting has become a very important component of operating any web based business. It is a very vital procedure and more often than not businesses involved in e-commerce do not have the requisite knowledge or infrastructure to perform this task in house. Thus they outsource this job of web hosting and to meet this demand many companies have come up who specialize in providing web hosting services.

Kolkata is a city which has seen a tremendous growth of web hosting service providers. Many entrepreneurs have entered into this business both in medium and large scale and they have been getting a lot of work from many clients based mostly in USA and UK. This is because the companies in Kolkata offer some of the cheapest web hosting services that are not readily available elsewhere. This is primarily because Kolkata has standard IT professionals who work for cheap rates. Secondly the cost of hardware, maintenance and upkeep is fairly low in Kolkata. Thirdly, rent is very low in Kolkata and beats almost all cities.

Why is a Web Hosting Service Needed?

The most basic need of subscribing to a web hosting service is to make sure that a desired website is displayed on the internet seamlessly. A web hosting company allows individuals and organizations to make their websites visible and accessible through the World Wide Web. The web hosting company typically the following services:

  • Providing space on a server: The service provider owns spaces on a server which are identified by IP addresses. These IP addresses are allocated to the clients based on their requirements. Often the same IP address is shared by 2 or more clients.
  • Data Storage: A website is basically a collection of data in the form of files that are stored in a folder in the server. On request this data can be accessed by any person via the internet.
  • Providing domains and sub domains: The IP addresses are located by the help of domain names. The service provider is also responsible for providing domain names to the client.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Hosting service providers own servers or spaces in large servers. They sell these spaces to the clients along with some other facilities such as domain names etc. in the form of domain accounts. The client’s data are then stored in these servers and the website is prepared. On request of a visit to the website this data is transferred from the server to the viewer’s computer via the internet and the website is visible to the visitor.

A web hosting company in Kolkata can enjoy benefits such a low rent and cost of labour. The servers are also available for cheap. Thus they can provide services at very cheap rates which is exactly what a client looks for.

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