Windows Web Hosting In Kolkata becomes a Major Business Attraction

Why a Windows Web Hosting Company is Preferred Over Linux One?

It is not easy to choose a web host, and often web page owners cannot decide on which hosting service to use. Windows has made a mark in this field because of its reputation. Firms in Kolkata offer both, the Linux and Windows, hosting service to users. Many web page owners believe that windows hosting is easier to use. It is much more convenient than the Linux system, and hence it is the first choice for them. Because of the name Microsoft has earned in all these years, people are opting to use the windows system. Going for Windows Web Hosting Company gives the user the option of hosting webpages using the Windows Operating System and technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET and .NET. These are main and the major reasons why the windows system is more popular in India and Kolkata.

Windows Web Hosting Services

What is a Web Hosting and Why is it Required?

It is a division of the internet hosting service which gives a user or a firm to make their webpage visible over the internet.Web hosting companies give out disk space on a server, owned or on rent, for usage by clients. They also give out internet connection, typically in a data base center. Web hosting also provides data center disk space and connection to the web wide world for other servers situated in the database called, colocation, which is commonly known as “housing” in South America and parts of Europe. It has been seen that that windows web hosting sector has grown ever before in the recent years because of its popularity and easy using nature of the system.

What are The Different Specifications for the Windows System?

The specifications differ in what type of space and bandwidth a user needs for his or her webpage. The webmaster will look for the best possible option in these features to set up his or her website. The following are the different aspect in a windows hosting system;

  • Web page space
  • Bandwidth per month
  • Ftp (number of)
  • Number of sub domains
  • SQL and My SQL space
  • Different technologies usage like; ASP.NET
  • Mail IDs.

Many companies providing windows web hosting in Kolkata offer various deals on the specific types of packages. Most packages are custom made according to the requirement of the client.

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