Web Design Company – A Web Studio’s Revolution


Web Design besets contrasting skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The various arenas of web design includes, ‘web graphic’, ‘interface design’, ‘authoring’, ‘user experience design’ and ‘SEO’. It is generally used to characterize the design process relating to the front end, design of a website, and involves a broader scope of ‘web development’.


Though web design company has recently got its name but it initially started during the 80s with designs and graphics which were at that time done over typography. By the emergence of the year ‘2001’ it took a very vital shape in the world’s economy. This is how, web design came into popularity.


  • “Microsoft” liberated its first ‘browser’ in 1996, which was an all-rounder, having all the updated features. Since then it started bringing its web designs through the use of Hyper Text Markup Language, (HTML). It has indeed become the ‘predominant’ website design company in the world.
  • “Flash” yet another famous Web Design Company was introduced in the year 1996, earned a lot of name and fame due to its animated GIFs and JavaScript. It was so powerful that it had the potential of developing an entire site.
  • “AV Solutions” a renowned web design company in Kolkata, has generally brightening its name in the field of web designing and graphics since 1999. They deliver their ventures both on ‘Windows’ and ‘Linux’ platforms.
  • “InfoSky Solutions” is a leading, well accomplished website design Company in Kolkata, that endeavors services like, ‘web development’, ‘content management system’, ‘Company’, ‘E-Commerce’, ‘NGO’, etc.
  • “Offshore Web Applications” is recognized as the top 25 web design Companies in National Capital Region. It aspires in ‘web development’, ‘web design services’, ‘open source optimization’, etc.

Other than these there are a couple of other esteemed ‘software’ and ‘companies’ which has led to enormous changes in the web for creating online programs triply more innovative and creative.

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