Web Hosting Has Various Branches and Options

When you want to buy hosting privileges, you always think about various options which are there for you. You can either using windows web hosting or either go for linux based web hosting. Both of them are different and both have their pros and cons. But it has been noted in the recent years that many web masters are actually opting only to use windows web hosting because of its better features. And hence, many web developers in Kolkata are also suggesting their clients to use windows web hosting.

Reseller Hosting in Kolkata What the major types of web hosting upon which people often do their work? The market has various types of web hosting spaces, but generally there are only 3 major ones which run all around the world. The following are the 3 major web hosting types;

  • Free web hosting and using services: These are the cheapest ones and economical. But you will have to endure advertisements with them, which is a pain for some people.
  • Shared type web hosting services: A single web page give the felicitation to many other different sites. And here, the number of web pages can vary from 100 to 10000, hence it is vast
  • Reseller type web host: This is a function of hosting where; an account owner or holder has the power to allot his or her hard drive disk space and bandwidth to other third party players for usage and storage. You can find many; companies giving advice on reseller hosting in Kolkata

. Why is the windows one the most appealing? This is of course because of the fact that the windows web hosting can accommodate various kinds of application which are made by Microsoft and only for Microsoft products. Hence, you will find that they are many professional working upon windows web hosting in Kolkata.

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