Reasons For Opting Windows Web Hosting

Web hosting is a very famous need for all website users and owners. That’s why, when it comes to selecting a web hosting server; there are many options for everyone.

Of course, the selection is done on the basis of the actual needs of a web hosting side. But, these days, many web hosting service seekers prefer the windows one. And, there are many reasons why, and so, let us explore them and get an idea;

Reason 1: The Microsoft Appeal:

Microsoft has its own appeal, and many web site owners in India always go for the windows web hosting for that reason only over the Linux option. Windows hosting has its own charm, thanks to Microsoft’s reputation and also because of the fact that Windows hosting is popular.


Reason 2: Windows web hosting is easy to use:

This is a very vital reason why windows web hosting is take up by many web page owners. Windows web hosting is easier to use, easy to handle, maintain and repair (if broken). That’s why; windows web hosting has become the prime hosting service.

Also, there are many technologies which can be used at the windows web hosting. And, on top of it; you can also use the windows operating system with it, and this adds to the list of conveniences.

Reason 3: It is safe to use:

There was a myth that Linux web hosting system was the one which was always safer to use when it came to web hosting. However, even the windows web hosting service is safe and many people thus use it.

Reason 4: Choices of technologies

Almost all the companies providing windows web hosting in Kolkata offer up technologies like the ASP, ASP.NET and .NET. These technologies are unique to windows web hosting, and that’s why; almost every web page owner prefers this.

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