How Can You Make A Web Server On Windows 7?

When you are looking for a competent web server, the Microsoft built IIS or Internet Information Services is the one to look at. This service is included with the Microsoft Windows 7. The IIS manager is basically, a tool or equipment for making changes to your servers. Most here take the help of companies doing windows hosting in Kolkata, Hyderabad, or Delhi when they are in India.

However, you will just have to feed in the right content or data over the server and put it in the correct place. And, you can get your Web server in a running condition within a matter of minutes, in a Windows 7 Operating System. So let us see how you can do that;

Step 1: Begin by clicking the Start button of Windows and then by going to the Control panel. Then you should get inside Programs and then switch on or off the Windows Features. Then button the Internet Information Services box and then click OK. Let the installation get completed and then close all boxes.

Step 2: Click the Start button again, and then in the search box, do a search for IIS before clicking the IIS manager button in the list.

Step 3: Now, click on the triangle shape right at the side where the name of your machine is. You can find this in the connection panel, towards the left of the IIS manager box. This will certainly stretch the link. So, click on the Site’s button and then on the Add Web Page or Site button on the action panel.

Step 4: Feed in your page’s name in the place where it says Site’s name. This can become your name for domain or even a way to recognize your website.

Step 5: Search in the directory where your page or site’s content and data will live, whilst taking the help of browse button on the Physical Path dialogue box. Select a name for the directory that resembles the name given in Step 4 to skip confusion. If already you have not made the directory, you can then utilize the browse option to make it on the go. Just maneuver to the right folder that will be the mother or parent of your website folder. The default line for it is; c:\inetpub\wwwroot. Right click over it now, and thentake your cursor over the “New” button and select the space Folder from the list of options. Grant your folder a name and then press on OK.

Step 6: Feed in the total host name of your webpage over the HostName dialogue box. Per say, if you feed in your website name. Now button in OK, by which you shall now view your new website listed over the Sites panel at the center of the box. Close the box now.

Step 7: Place your site’s data and content over the directory you are particular in, during the Step 5. Now open your favorite, or your most used,browser and then press in type “localhost/<yoursitename>”. The “yoursitename” is the website name you had put in Step 4. You shall also see that your first page has appearedresulting that you have correctly put in a web server over your Windows 7.

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