Responsive Designs: All You Need to Know About It

The relevancy of having responsive web designs is creating more and more sound, day by day. Website owners are looking for this option as soon as they are getting the idea of this concept. So, today, for the convenience of everyone, we have put together a small piece on Responsive type webpages. This article will teach you why responsive sites are beneficial for your company. Most companies, like Atilus, have been using responsive designs thus far.

Let us begin by understanding what a responsive website design is first:

In a simple way, responsive pages are those pages that can automatically fit to your screen. For example if you are viewing a website on full screen and after that you reduce the size of your browser, all the content and data over the site will adjust itself to fit to your new screen size.

All the data on the page will become smaller and it will fit to the screen size, hence the name responsive.

For example; the wide screen will look and showcase itself like a general page, but as your screen will get reduced in size, the content of it will go smaller too. This is beneficial for multiple platform viewing and touch screens.

Any website design company these days is in the business of making responsive websites only so that customers can have an easier time with it.



In today’s world, if your webpage is non-responsive then you might still get away. Google is at the moment still lenient on non-responsive pages. However, mobile internet based traffic will slowly and surely take-over the web world. And after this, people are going to use mobiles more as compared to TVs. In the 50 plus age genre, people are using the internet more rather than TV, and the time estimated is 19 hours a week.

Does the thing actually matter?

For the mobile phone users: This has a much broader and bigger market when it comes to the internet. Mobiles phones, Tabs and other devices have become common, hence the matter.

Google is head over heels on responsive designs: As we know, search engines can convert online purchases; in fact 90 percent is the hit rate. This is where Google plays an important part, even greater than twitter or FB. Google has indicated that in future all sites needs to be mobile friendly or else you may not find them in their search.


A responsive page can easily get the boot if you emphasize on optimization, care and fenageling. In layman’s term; the pages designs here are based upon basic percentages and approximations. This is why so developers, or website design services, tell you to have 2 different sites.

These certainly has some gravity, in place of keeping 1 same set of codes for all platforms you can just break them up for all. But, the cost factor stays. This however, can cost more and also extra time may be needed in updating when formats and screens are changed. But, remember, most purchase data gathering for shoppers starts from mobile phones, and responsive webpages allows you to caret to these users. Plus the additional advantage of Google search.

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