Features of a Premier Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is a service provided a company in which a website owner received a server where the files of the website can be stored for a given period of time. Having a paid service is better than a free website hosting service if you want to earn good revenue from your website.

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Some of the features of a premier website hosting company are mentioned below:

Data storage amount

It is most of the most important feature to consider while choosing hosting service. For medium or small websites using few gigabytes is sufficient. Various companies claim ‘Unlimited Storage’ facility though it becomes essential to go through their terms and conditions to ensure the limit. Big websites require a huge amount of data to store their content.

Bandwidth amount

A bandwidth is the total data which your users and you can download/upload in a month. Popular websites and those with heavy content (videos, images etc) require quite amount of bandwidth. Go for the companies which offer unlimited bandwidth but again do not opt this without going through their terms and services.

E-mail accounts

Having a e-mail made with your domain name helps you develop a better reputation in the market. For example – XYZ@yourdomain.com looks better when present on visiting card or website. Make sure that web hosting company provides enough email accounts when you take their services. In many cases, having unlimited email accounts is the best option. Also, make sure that they provide webmail interface and integration with Gmail.

Database related support

In present scenario, almost every form of website needs a database with growing business demands. Normally, economical hosts provide MySQL but high end services offer databases like SQL or ORACLE in their packages which is much more advanced.

Online shopping carts

This feature is required if you are going to start selling the products online. So, make sure that suitable internet shopping related tools are part of the website host.

Easy app installation

A good website hosting company makes sure that web applications are installed by clients by one click only. It makes sure installation of content management system (CMS) portal and related apps are installed hassle free to your website.

Choosing a web hosting services is the most crucial step while planning an effective and successful website for your business. So, make sure you follow this check-list properly to finalize the web hosting company to thrive in online realm.

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Why Every Company Must Adopt Responsive Website Design

Each website designer tries to implement multiple design techniques to ensure best user experience which helps in meeting the business objectives of the website. For example in a directory type listing website, designer makes sure that the reviews for each business listing are properly visible. It helps users on deciding which company to select from the available options.

Responsive website design is one important web design feature which is equally important for all types of websites including e-commerce, service providers, directories or informative websites etc.

Responsive web design

A responsive web design allows the layout of the website to adjust as per the size of the screen on which the end user has opened the website. A big screen (like desktop or laptop) views the website content in around three columns whereas on smaller screens (like smartphones etc) it is visible on a single column.

Some of the important reasons due to which every company must opt for responsive web design include:

Multiple devices are supported

The devices on which the target users open the websites vary to a great extent. The responsive design ensures that content is perfectly visible on each type of device thereby increasing the reach of your business. Also, this will enhance the conversion rates and sales of the business due to improved experience of the users and repeated viewing of the website.

Easy development and maintenance

With responsive web design, one does not require designing of websites separately for mobile devices. This saves a lot of money and time which would have wasted otherwise by the companies. Also, maintenance and updating of the content becomes quite easy and efficient with a single responsive website. This approach also protects from duplicity of the content.

SEO friendly design

Google always prefers responsive website design while ranking the websites for search results. Also, search engine optimization (SEO) related factors like mobile friendly webpage, reduction in loading time, stronger link building and less bounce rate ultimately aid in enhancing the search engine ranking of the website. Also, Google has penalized the website designs which are not mobile friendly.

Security for the future

In future, even if devices with different sizes and resolution hit the market, the website designers can be remain assured that perfectly designed responsive website will be able to support these screens. It is the fluid design of the responsive website which helps in adjusting the web content as per the screen size.

Easy Web analytics

Website analysts can easily track the performance of their respective websites with analytics tools including Google analytics. These tools are able to provide analytics related to different devices based on responsive website design.

So, in order to survive and thrive in the digital era with better results, it is imperative to follow this trend and adopt responsive design for the business. A good website design company keeps all these points in mind and delivers a perfect responsive design websites to their respective clients.

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