Making a Good and Useful Landing Page in Less Than an Hour

The world is going digital and even the business owners slowly knowing the importance of having an online website or shop thanks to it. It is vital in today’s world to have a website and a social media or Facebook page. It has become a vital aspect and part of a company’s marketing.

But, sadly, many companies are failing to utilize the needs of the internet. Making a web page is one thing, but you also have to invest in things like having a tool for making a landing page. This article will certainly help you in your quest to know how to create landing pages.


What is landing page

The landing pages are just like any other website however they work a tad bit differently. The pages are used for promoting 1 single action. For example; news letter subscription, program downloading or buying a particular product. A landing page is just one single page as against to a website (and its many pages), and it comes with one intention only: getting the users to finish off the requested action.


What it means

  • It only promotes one single aspect or thing and sticks to it. It portrays only one action and message. The design of the landing should also show and support that specific thing; hence it must not over do the product itself.
  • The main aim of the page is to make sure that the user clicks on the required button, and the content and the page should also promote that.
  • You can segment the page into various sections, but only one page can be made.
  • The buttons, headline, picture and any other text should only promote the action of the page in the most efficient way.
  • It is preferable to use template landing pages, as making them from scratch can be tedious. They follow by all visual hierarchy norms and needs.

How Does a Landing Page work?

The land page must attract traffic, and you can do this by;

  • Making a PPC advert campaign on search websites and engines and linking them to the page itself
  • Posting the link on social media
  • Doing e mail marketing and sending the page.
  • Putting in the page over any content or post
  • Using SEO techniques to make use of the organic and free search options.

Of course these things can help you to generate the traffic but what to do after that? Where will you users go; to a website, e-ecommerce site, a newsletter or at a form? Just be sure about that.


Make a page with Wix:

Wix houses many landing page samples and templates and you can select your page from there. You can get your page in a single click actually! Choose wisely and add images and text accordingly.

Remember: one can easily make a landing page within a mouse click. Therefore, one can easily make multiple landing pages and check the results of many templates and designs. But, the whole process can be tedious; hence using the help of a website design company won’t be a bad idea. They can also help you to notice the target market and audience.

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