How Can You Host Your Webpage for No Money

There are 2 approaches: 3rd Party hosting or the self hosting on windows

If your website does not have huge traffic flow, then you can easily go for free hosting. It’s for users who just want to put themselves on the internet. If money is scarce and you do not know much about technology, then opt for this.

Approach 1: 3rd party host

There are so many services that offer this approach. You can customize things on them by selecting the fonts, colours and the pictures. A thorough online search is warranted for it.

The benefits;

  • Total free based support and hosting
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Do it yourself aids
  • Good themes
  • Auto backing
  • Secure
  • The negatives of the service:
  • Adverts on your own page
  • Not many options in terms of customization of themes
  • No self domain names

Hosting the page for free step one

WordPress – you can make a full website on it for free and they look exclusive too. To check out the whole process click here;

To join then, click here

You’d need a current e mail id and you can activate the account with it.

The support page of the website can also help you out if you require any aid

Hosting for free step two

Weebly – it is one of the most famous sites, and it was recognized as one of TIME’s fifty best pages of the year 2007. It’s a drag and drop page app, hence you can easily make your website with it.

Just do a simple search for the website online; check whether the website is good for you or not. Click on the blue coloured button on the page to start. Use your e mail to get going.

Hosting for free step three

Google site – They are easy to use and you just need a Google account for it.

See here for more:

Hosting for free step four

The others:

There are few more sites out there and you have to search and scrutinize them. Do make sure about your requirements and your space and bandwidth needs.

You can also take the help of a web hosting company.

Approach 2nd: Self windows hosting on your PC

Hosting for free step five

Firstly be certain that legally if you are allowed to host on your own personal ISP. Many don’t allow.

Hosting for free step six

Check your IP first

Click on start, open run and type in cmd and click Ok.

Put in ipconfig/all and hit enter

Note down your IP, default gateway, subnet mask and DNS.

Hosting for free step seven

Go to network connection

Hosting for free step eight

Right click over the internet line or connection you utilize

Hosting for free step nine

Go to its properties

Hosting for free step ten

Find internet protocol and go to its properties; keep the command prompt open.

Hosting for free step eleven

Press use the IP, and if already ticked, then go back to the prompt box.

Hosting for free step twelve

Put in your IP, but change the last 2 digits and then click okay.

If there is a conflict, then change the last 2 digits again.

Hosting for free step thirteen

In prompt window put in ping and if or something same comes back then you are good. If request gets timed out, then contact your net provider. Only they can tell you the right DNS.

Tip: When you have correctly put in your static IP; it might still need a router. That’s because you are feeding the router with one static IP. If you do not have a router then you have to tell your ISP for a static IP or take free static service of DNS provider.

Hosting for free step fourteen

Use Wampserver as it has apache and it auto configures

Also, use server name localhost if it asks during installing. Give your own e mail id.

Hosting for free step fifteen

Make a new folder over the www diary, put your files there.

The address should be: thestaticipaddress/thefolderinthewwwdiary/. Unless you have gone for DNS serves.

Hosting for free step sixteen

Register your domain name and place it towards the address of your site.

If you have any problems, then you can always take aid of any web hosting services in Kolkata or Delhi or anywhere you live for that matter.

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