Some Of The Factors Which Increases Load Time Of Ecommerce Site

Recently e-commerce websites have been filling up the internet. There have been many e-commerce websites, as online shopping is becoming a trend. In earlier days, window-shopping use to be term when people just looked through new trendy objects in the market in order to buy them later. Nowadays people follow online window shopping trend. With time, even the internet speed has increased a lot. In the older days, few users had the opportunity to access high speed unlimited internet facilities. However, with increase in the use of broadband facilities among people everybody has now access to high-speed broadband internet. So due to increased traffic and better internet surfing interface the e-commerce websites are falling into a fix. It is taking longer hours for some e-commerce websites to load. Now with the fat internet facilities user have become impatient and want quickly to load their world of new trendy fashion and technological accessories. The slower internet is affecting the traffic of the e-commerce websites too. In this article the key points are stated which are causing slow load up for e-commerce websites.

Poor Quality of CMS

On the internet there are many CMS or Content Management Services and web design companies are available. Therefore, the owners of the e-commerce websites needs to choose the best CMS system for their websites. Various Content Management Systems (CMS) are found on the internet and are used for various types of websites. An e-commerce website user should always opt for Magento. The CMS procedures and designs of Magento are specially designed to work effectively with an e-commerce website. The Word Press is designed for bloggers and mainly deals with information sharing websites and Drupal on the other hand is used for other general-purpose websites.

Average Web Hosting Service

Unpredictable things and conditions may occur when you are running an e-commerce website. At times of sales and certain festivals, you may notice uncontrollable website traffic. To control such conditions ones web-hosting service in the backend should be very strong. Two important aspect of the perfect web hosting service for e-commerce websites are –

  • The web-hosting service should be very reliable,. It should not crash at times of unpredictably high amount of traffic. Implement good site with website design company in Kolkata.
  • The web-hosting service should allow the website owners to configure the disk space according to the use and hence should be very flexible to use.

Dependence on DNS

The Domain Name System or the DNS affects the speed required to load a website. When a user types a URL on the address bar the search engine finds for the IP address associated with the URL and then opens up the website. Now if many links are associated with a website then of course it will increase the number DNS lookups, which in turn decreases the net speed a lot. So rather than linking images to your e-commerce website it is always a better option to upload the pictures and other interactive web objects on the website for quick loading.

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