How One Can Change Their Fortune By Reselling Web Hosting?

People can make money in various ways from web hosting business. Some common ways are:-

Affiliate Programs: This is the easiest way to earn from reselling web hosting. The potential earning of the Reseller is practically unlimited. The reseller program allows the affiliate to charge whatever the affiliate wants and sell as many Web hosting plans as the affiliate would like. The Reseller program also allows the affiliate the ability to create and customize his own flexible and for also higher margins. Many web hosting companies start affiliate program to enlarge their customer base. When the affiliate refers customer and successfully sell him a plan, the affiliate earns a good commission. This type of venture brings good revenue income as per the type of their hosting. When consultation service for their respective web is provided to customers online, it becomes an added plus.

Cloud Hosting: It offers remote virtual server as a service. It is used for web hosting and other IT computations. Here the physical server is divided into number of virtual servers and each one is unique. Since each customer is having his unique IP address, it offers a greater performance and as a cloud affiliate, more will be the sales, more will be the chance to earn commission.

Reseller Web Hosting: Another lucrative way to earn money online with web hosting business. It allows the affiliate company to sell the service of a particular company on his own. In this case, the affiliate company acts as a whole seller who purchase the package in bulk price and sell them at a larger one.

The main web hosting company will bill the reseller for the whole account just once. The reseller, in turn, may make collections and bill his customers in the way that he likes or as per the agreement. He can also divide the account into small packages and bundle other products with them. Web designers often bundle a web hosting plans with their services, so that the customer gets everything under one roof. When a reseller adds his services with web hosting, the customer is more keen to renew with him so that all services are obtained from a single window and there is only one point of contact. This raises the scope of customer retention for the hosting service and also the primary service with which it was tied up. This in turn opens the door for more earnings to come.

Web Hosting is a remunerative business, provided it is conducted by the right people who at least knows the ABC of the business.

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