Is A Reseller Host Really A Good Choice?

This is a billion dollar question. It is an obvious question to people who are looking for shared hosting. But the matter is highly controversial and there are reasons for both its positive and negative sides.

The first one is the reliability, the up time and performance of the server depend almost totally on the wordpress web hosting behind the reseller. Considering that the resellers do an effective job in finding a great upstream host. But, unfortunately, in their search to get the best contract out there, many hosting resellers end up being hosted for just a few months on highly overrun servers with support and performance problems, frequent breakdown etc. which, in turn, transform into poor service for the end users

The other major concern is the knowledge of the reseller. Any Tom, Dick or Harry, if start working as a reseller without having adequate knowledge on the subject, makes it very hard for some to trust an unlimited web hosting company reseller. Second, most resellers are one man portfolio. So it is not possible to provide service for him to his clients in 24X7X365 manner, which is a must for this business. Over and above, they are not ready to outsource it also. The net outcome is up to a certain level, he can manage the show with his limited resources and after that everything starts becoming a mess. Due to this, end users start suffering and the reseller also looses his credibility and good will at the same time.

Also a reseller has limited freedom on the windows web hosting providers. A reseller cannot do some things and has to ask his own host to do them for him. This means it will take longer for those things to get solved. This way, the reseller is totally dependent on the mercy of his host.

On the plus side, a reseller often gets to know his customers and their requirements and the client-reseller tie-up often gets quite close. A friendly tone is worth for some people and if the reseller is one of those people, he could very well be the right choice.

Web designers often use reseller accounts of an linux web hosting company to host their customers’ websites. Most of these clients are small businesses and they have no idea how the web really works and they love the fact that they are getting a complete solution for their Internet side of the business. They have neither sufficient time nor the knowledge to find a host on their own and set things up. They need this “all in one basket” program and so long the web designer is a stand-alone guy, this is considered as a very good approach.

Reseller accounts are not just for hosting resellers. Purchasing a reseller account from an ecommerce web hosting may be a very economic solution for people who have many websites of their own. It also allows easier management. But If the server goes down it will affect not just one of the sites, but all the websites. That can be a serious hit!

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