How To Resell Web Hosting Service To The Customers

After completing the total website designing your website is still not ready to access world wide it is now only available in your computer. To make it available worldwide so that everyone can get to know about it you need to upload it in world wide web for that you need server space so that you can upload your web files into world wide web. Web hosting provides people this server space for their website.

If anyone is looking for an own online business then web hosting is a must have. so now days if anyone wants to start a web hosting reseller business then that is also a very good idea cause demand of web hosting India is increasing every day. You can start your own web hosting reseller company very easily. You need to follow some simple steps here we will discuss about it.

Some Easy Steps To Start An Own Web Hosting Reseller Company

  • Reseller web hosting is basically for those who wants to resell their hosting to their customers. As a reseller you need disk space and band width which you will provide your customers. For you can create your own packages for your customer as you like.
  • As a reseller you can give your customer a smooth web hosting services without investing much amount all you need to pay a very nominal amount monthly that’s it nothing else needed.
  • As a web hosting providers you control your customer hosting account through central management area of web host manager. So first thing you need to do is to create your own hosting plans. So click on add packages option and fill the pricing option according to the bandwidth, disk space, FTP account, email address provided.
  • Once you do this then create a new account for your customer and fill up the details about domain, user id password, strength and packages assigned to each customer. once you have completed this process your customer can now open their control panel and can fully control their ecommerce web hosting.
  • As your customer gets the web hosting from your company your company will be popular day y day. So just start a web hosting reseller business by choosing a suitable reseller plan and register for it. Those company who provides disk space and bandwidth for your web hosting company they will also provide you technical support 24×7 through email and phone.
  • So the main method of starting a web hosting reseller business is to get a web hosting reseller account once you have done everything you need to get a dedicated VPS account And that’s it.
  • The profit you get from this website hosting reseller business is retail minus whole sell and you will get your profit. More over I can say it’s a very profitable business.
  • To start this business you don’t need to have technical knowledge. You don’t need to invest much for hardware, domains and etc. all you need to have is a merchant account, service support, product updates and promote about your web hosting reseller account.

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