Acquaint Yourself With The Process Of Domain Registration

Building a beautiful website is the first step in doing a successful business. But before building the website, one need to know the procedure involved in it.

First of all let us understand what a Domain is. As per language of the internet, a Domain consists of a subset with addresses having a common suffix which comes under the administration of an organisation or even it may be an individual.

A domain needs to be named very carefully. The internet is not working on Domain names but it is working on IP addresses. A domain name identifies the IP addresses. For building a website you need to have a proper Domain name and the process of domain name registration should be done properly.

Though Domain name and Website are closely connected, in reality they are very different. You have to register your Domain for putting it to work for something. Domain Registration can be used for Website building; it may be used for the purpose of Emailing, etc. However if you need to build a website, a proper Domain name is a must for identifying the IP address.

A particular website can be accessed by entering the Domain name of your browser. Top level Domain or TLD where a domain belongs can be identified by the suffix of the Domain. The Domain name is also sometimes referred as web addresses. The TLD typically appears after the name of the website separated by a dot.

There can be several types of suffix chosen for the Domain name which indicates the TLD where it belongs. However one should try to choose the best and most popular extensions preferably by domain provider. Have a look at what Google prefers for extension of websites which brings those sites among the top search rankings.

After creating a domain, domain Registration India should be done properly and a host need to be selected suitably. A website host is a company which maintains files for other websites and serves one or more websites. Website hosts lease you space where you can store files of your websites and make them available to the visitors who visit your website.

A wise process of cheapest domain registration having a detail insight of Domain name and the conventions of URL structures can scale up your business quite effectively. There are lot of good domain registration companies available.

The registrar can be a company apart from the hosting company. It is required for a registrar to know the domain registering company name and the registrant that is the person owning the domain. Also the registrar will want the information about the individuals who will be in contact for all administrative purpose, who is authorized to handle daily activities and the person who need to be contacted for technical issues.

The Domain Registration is regulated by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It also sets the prices for registration.

Every domain has its own life cycle starting from its initial process of Domain Registration and ending with requirement for renewal of registration. Timely renewal of domain should be done to prevent Domain expiry.

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