Build Your Dream Website By Choosing Correct Domain Registration Process

The importance of finding the right way for your domain Registration need not be over emphasized. Unless you are aware with the hidden tricks used by the Domain Registrar, it will be quite easy to swindle you and you will be left wondering what went wrong with you domain name registration. Therefore it is not only selection of a good Domain Name or designing a Website or getting a very good Web Hosting provider; it is the choice of the correct Domain Registrar which can be the defining factor for the success of your Website. In order to protect yourself from getting cheated from a deceitful Domain Registrar

Check For The Hidden Fees:

You may be delighted to get an offer for domain registration India at a very cheap price from your Registrar. But have taken time to read thoroughly the “Terms Of Service” specified in the agreement you signed? Most people do not bother to read the terms and conditions in detail, and even if they read they miss to understand the terms and conditions clearly which are written trickily. Many a times you may find the terms are written in very small fonts and they are very lengthy, which you may only have a quick overview.

For example, there may be certain fees hidden for “Transferring-Out” your Domain to another Registrar. This fee may be exorbitant and may be more than double of your domain registration fees. Therefore the privilege of getting a cheapest domain registration will be totally overshadowed by these malpractices and naive customers may fall prey easily to these types of spam Domain Registrars.

Manipulating Registration Fees For Its Tenure:

Yes, you may also be lured to pay Registration fee for your domain registration for a longer period for good discounted value. Many a times it is beneficial to register your domain for 5 years or more depending on the type of your business. If you are starting a business which may run for a pretty long time, you may want to pay the fees for a period of 5 years or more for getting a good discount and also for getting a relief of forgetting to pay the Registration fee and face the possibility of Domain expiry. The problem is that if you happen to choose a domain registering company for your Domain Registration and have paid the Registration fee for quite a few years under influence of him, you may be helping the register with a free loan for few years while he is only paying the Registration fee for one year only to the Registry. They will renew your registration every year for the remaining registration period you have paid.

Also the shrewd and manipulative domain provider many a time include a clause of “No Refund” (which again you might have overlooked reading the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing for Domain Registration) in the agreement which you have to sign. This “No Refund” term is dangerous as it often indicates that in case you decide to leave the Domain Registrar, and choose to register your Domain with another Registrar after one year of completing (for example) Registration period out of 5 year Registration fees you have paid. The crooked Registrar will grab the money remaining with him and will not refund the same to you. He may also make your life miserable by offering poor service to your Domain and thus forcing you to quit and take up domain name registration services elsewhere.

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