Correct Way Of Domain Registration Will Help Your Business


Many of you might have heard the term of domain registration but not exactly clear about the concept. You are interested to start your own website for doing certain on line activities of your choice, and you have understood that you need to have a Domain and you need to register your Domain before doing any further activities. Let us try to demystify the term domain registration and help you understand the concept.

Make Informed Decisions:

It is very important for you first to understand the various terminologies used for completing domain registration. Unless you understand the terms, it will be futile to attempt to describe the process of domain name registration services. Understanding the related terms will make you more informed and you can also discuss with concerned agencies regarding your requirement for registration of your Domain. Let us define the main terms which are Registrant, Registrar, Name server and WHOIS Data among various other terminologies. Understanding the four terms are most important and the other terms can be picked up by you easily once you have clarity about these terms.

Registrant Clarified:

A Registrant can be defined as persons or group of persons or an organisation seeking to register his Domain and wanting to complete the process of domain name registration. A Registrant should be a genuine entity having all necessary documents required for submission during the process of domain registration as required by the Registrar in compliance with WHOIS data specified by ICANN..

Who Is A Registrar?

A Registrar is an organisation or is a business which has been authorized to function by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or in short the ICANN. The Registrars responsibility is to conduct the process of domain registration of the customers or the Registrants against their application for the same. The Registrar collects all stipulated information along with necessary fees for the domain registration India, checks the authenticity of the information provided by the Registrant, identifies whether the Domain Name sought is available or not.

Name Server Explained:

The necessary information about your Domain need to be stored somewhere. Like your Domain, there will be many other Domains which will be hosted by domain registering company. The Name server contains the information of Domain name with corresponding IP address and this helps to locate the Website easily. The Name Server need not be confused with the Domain Name System or in short DNS. A Name Server contains the DNS software installed and normally it contains all Domain Names and corresponding IP addresses which are associated with a particular Web Hosting service. It acts like a Directory which have all the details of addresses of a Domain and is used for targeting the Domain to its destination.

Whois Data Discussed In Brief:

The full form of WHOIS can be put as who is the owner and it basically looks for the authenticity and ownership of a Website. This framework for WHOis Data has been introduced by ICANN to verify various application of domain provider and to ensure that the applicants or the Registrants are genuine. This has become immensely helpful in the internet world to prevent subversive activities and also to make internet free of hackers. However the declarant has the provision to choose whether they want to keep the data submitted private or whether they will allow to disclose the data to whosoever wanting to look up at the WHOIS Data.

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