Why You Need To Know About Domain Registration

You might have decided to have a Domain of your own and you want to follow the procedures for domain registration. However, you may not have clear idea about the operations and terminology of systems and protocols which are used in the internet frequently. Some of them may be Domain Name, IP, TLD, Sub Domain, Fully Qualified Domain Name, domain registration, Registrar, Registry, etc. It is important for you to at least have a preliminary idea about these nomenclatures as all these are related to one another and play an important role for domain registration.

What Is A Domain Name?

While a URL which gives a complete address of the website location, Domain is a part of the URL. Domain is written in words and it is another way of looking at the binary numbered IP address. Every computer will have an IP address identifying the location of the computer. Naming system for the domain registration is carefully chosen to prevent two domains having same IP address. Domain links the URL to the DNS to decipher the IP address from the Domain Name.

How The Navigation Does Take Place:

Now the URL will consist of a set of directions. These are TLD or top level domain, domain, DNS, sub domain, HTTP and other protocols, etc. The responsibility of the URL is to take navigate you safely to the exact destination of the domain by connecting a series of network one after another. It starts with the TLD which identifies the geographical location of the organisation opening the domain name, and ultimately reaching the server hosting the domain. ICANN has made the Registry responsible for maintaining the regulating each top level Domain and it is the responsibility of the ICANN to regulate the entire activities of navigation of URL.

How To Go For Domain Registration:

A Domain Name can be said to have obtained only after the Domain is registered with the registering authority properly. For the purpose of domain registration, there are lot of domain registering company available. Registrars are certified by Registry and they are ICANN accredited also. RAA or the Registrar Accreditation Agreement binds the Registrars with ICANN. The Registrar is bound to maintain the WHOIS data as specified in the RAA. Once the Registrant wishes to register his Domain, he has to approach a suitable Registrar with all the data required for verification. The Registrar checks all the credentials meticulously before releasing the application of the Registrant for Registration. The Registrar has stipulated requirement for the set of documents, which are required to be furnished by the Registrant. The Registrar is responsible for furnishing correct data to Registry for final approval of domain name registration. Also the fees required for registration will have to be submitted to the Registrar.

The Registry upon receipt of the details from Registrar checks the data as per requirement specified by the WHOIS data of ICANN norms. The domain registration is released by Registry once the data submitted by the Registrar is found to be correct.

You may also find some domain provider who are offering free domain names. However you need to be very careful about choosing this type of Registrars for domain registration and should check the terms and conditions in details before agreeing to accept the domain name.

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