When You Hire a Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata, Your All Problems of Web Hosting will be Taken Care of

The Web Hosting Business has become extremely competitive. There are different types of Hosting services available and everybody is vying to get a number of customers. The companies are offering lucrative propaganda which is not real and pragmatic. The Dedicated Web Hosting is by the best type of Web Hosting service and this fact is clear to understand. However, in this market of Dedicated hosting service, there are a lot of linux dedicated server provider in Kolkata who are claiming that their services are the best of the lot. When a visit to the Websites they are hosting is made, one will not be very surprised to find a big gap between what they are doing and what they are saying. You will seldom find a genuine Hosting provider who really believes in walk the talk.

If you look at the performance of the Websites being hosted by the different dedicated service providers, you will clearly understand why the dedicated server provider in Kolkata has a clear edge in providing quality hosting solutions to its customers. The Dedicated server will always have more advantage than a shred Web Hosting as here the server will not be loaded with several Websites making the Websites vulnerable to security threats and also cramming for resources which get overused for more demand than supply. Though this type of Shared Web Hosting is cheaper and fits the budget of small entrepreneurs having low traffic requirements for their Websites, it can never fulfil the aspirations of growing company who want to enjoy full control and authority for the use of the server.

Top benefits of getting the service of the Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata:

When a new Website is opened, it is very normal to select a Shared Web Hosting service which also hosts several other Websites. The cost of selecting a Shared service is much lower compared to a dedicated server. However, the heightened security issues, performance restrictions, and restrained functionalities are the major disadvantages of such Web Hosting for a growing company which is anticipating growth in traffic and growth in Business. The price tag cannot be an issue for a quality service. The benefits that are associated with a dedicated server company in Kolkata are described as follows:

The excellent accessibility: The exclusive ownership of a dedicated server provided by the dedicated server company can ensure that the data and the processes of the Website can be accessed easily without any delay and any hassles. The total control over the resources with high usage facility for the bandwidth gives seamless operational abilities of the Website and unexpected surge in traffic can never cause a problem in operation or outage of the server.

The proper management of the server:

The server can be managed as per your wish when you hire the service with a low cost dedicated server in Kolkata. It is very well possible to install as well as run a suitable operating system as you desire, and you can also configure the server as per your requirements.

A very low incident of security breaches and high reliability:

The best linux dedicated server in Kolkata will offer you unique IP address as the server will be dedicated for your use only. This increases the security of the Website and you will be under no threat from getting affected by malicious sites operating on the same server like a Shared Web Hosting. The reliability of such Web Hosting is also very high.

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