Mistakes to AVOID in ecommerce website designing

The fact that numerous ecommerce is growing every single day is nothing unusual. The entrepreneurs too have been driven to create their social media and online presence in order to survive in this digital world. One of the most important and unique way of solving design related problems in your website is to identify the peripheral factors that contribute to the development of the problem. So, if you want to catch hold of the best ecommerce website design India, look no further but to the Infosky Solutions.




Being a renowned website ecommerce designing company in India, Infosky Solutions has something special in store for you. Check out their list of common mistakes that misses out major customer traffic in the website.


  • Creating complex navigation interface
  • Poor quality images and product description
  • Negative customer reviews
  • Missing contact information
  • Not focusing on product details

Now, let’s take a look into each topic individually.

  • Creating complex navigation interface

The navigation interface of any ecommerce website should be easy to use and simple to look at. Make sure that the user understands the working of your interface at once. The website should be so designed that it should not scare the user. Neither should it make the user leave your site all at once. There should be filters and a comprehensive search option.

  • Poor quality images and product description

A bad quality product description is sure to suffer a lot of issues. Poor product image may take too much of time to load. Bad product description implies to vague and incomplete product description. There is no call to action to encourage the customer to buy the product. All these must be strictly avoided.

  • Negative customer reviews

Negative customer reviews are like an eye-opening to the other potential customers. Normally, most negative customer reviews focus on inaccuracies in product description. Another of the most common reason for customers to ask back for their money is when the product image or description does not match the reality. This way you not only lose one sale but future sales as well.

  • Not focusing on product details

A user trusts a website more when the product page offers a complete and detailed description of the product. It helps a user make a decision when multiple images of a product from different angles are available and there are detailed reviews from other customers.


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