Things To Consider Before You Buy A Domain Name

When you are determined to create your online presence, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is to choose a domain name. The correct domain name of your website is essential both for your target audience and search engines. Of course, you can pick any domain registration company in Kolkata. But before that, there are some tips that you can follow to choose the best domain name.


  • Do your homework

When you are in the process of searching for domain registration company, it is better that you land up in the market after doing a bit of research work. Find out similar sites and check who your competitors are and what their domain names are. You can also browse available domains by keywords or simple domain names.

  • Buy domains that are easy to type and remember

Check out which domains have already been sold last, for how much they have been sold and who is the web hosting broker. Domains which are popular will have more public resale value. Searching by keywords will make things easy for you.

  • Buy a domain that is shorter

Remember, the longer is your domain name, the more difficult it is for people to understand. Hence, you have the most chance of visitors misspelling your domain name. Therefore, you lose the chance of getting attention. Think of a domain name that is a part of your brand and matches people’s mentality.

  • Stick with .com if you can

Most people remember a domain name easily that ends with .com. So if you attach some other extensions it will be difficult for people to recall. However, there are several sites that have done well without .com as well. So, you can take a risk too!

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