How to Get More Out Of Your Dedicated Server Hosting?

Now that you have successfully risen up your website to become a full fledged traffic magnet, it is now time to see how far it can fly. Dedicated servers like the VPS hosting company in Ahmadabad, provide the most power of all hosting options, with all the processors, memory, and bandwidth concentrated solely on serving up your content.


Because you are the sole tenant of a dedicated server, you have the opportunity to find a hosting provider and infrastructure perfectly tailored to your needs—especially your budget. Naturally, the pinnacle of web hosting is also the most expensive. Here are some of the things to look for to avoid the sticker shock and make your transition from VPS hosting as smooth as possible.

  • Save money by taking more responsibility over your server

As you’ve probably experienced with VPS hosting, many hosts pride themselves on giving customers a hands-free hosting experience. Managed services can mean different things to different hosting providers, but can include some combination or all of the following:

  • System monitoring
  • Software and operating system update
  • Security patching
  • Automated backups
  • 24/7 email supports is usually free and can make all the differences

Any host worth your business will offer 24/7 email support through phone, chat, and email tickets, with some giving premium attention to their highest-paying customers. Especially if you opt out of managed services, you’ll want the peace of mind in knowing that experts will always be available to help you in times of crisis.

  • Protect your brand by not scrimping on security

Ultimate control over your dedicated hosting can be a double-edged sword: You can optimize and configure your server in a way that supports your business, but the added responsibility can expose organizations to risk if the server isn’t sufficiently protected.

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