How to choose a dedicated server

Choosing a dedicated server can be difficult. A dedicated server, that meets your project with adequate cost benefit can be an arduous and time consuming task. But, for sure, you will see long-term benefits as your website or application grows. Don’t worry: We have some tips for choosing a dedicated server that meets your needs. Come with us!

Tips for choosing a dedicated server

Check out some topics that you should be aware of when choosing a dedicated server to hire.

About Technology- When evaluating the technology of the dedicated server, be aware of these items.

Operating system- If you are going to run applications developed with ASP.NET, MS SQL Server or need something from IIS, your server must be Windows. If you are going to use open source, like Apache / PHP / MYSQL (known as LAMP), Node or Ruby on Rails, a Linux server is the best choice.

Web server and database server- Depending on the technologies used in your project, you may need a lot of RAM. Java or Ruby applications are known for their relentless hunger for RAM.

Performance– for SQL database, video conversion / rendering, virtualization, or specific applications such as games or chat server, it is good to have a multi-processor server, such as an octa-core Xeon or higher.

Network- Make a comparison between the location of the data centre, and the location of your target audience (this affects latency), in addition to the quality and strength of the provider. Many promise 99.9% availability, but in practice that’s not what customers get.

Management- If you do not have the experience of a system administrator to manage the server, consider hiring the best dedicated server Provider in Hyderabad. A good hosting provider or company will offer guidance on how to do load balancing, clustering, upgrades, and offer good support.

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