Helpful Tips for Windows VPS Server Management

Virtual private server (VPS) technology offers significant cost savings for users, as it provides the privacy and security of a dedicated server without the expense of an entire server’s resources. However, you might be familiar with the fact that setting up and management of a VPS is not an easy task.


Following are tips provided by the best windows VPS hosting provider that you should use in your routine to manage your Windows VPS and get the best performance of your Windows VPS.

  1. Control user access

If any other person have access to your VPS, then create a separate user account for them and provide them with access to only those resources which that particular user need. If you are the only user of your VPS, create your own separate user account with required permission and leaving the Administrator login clean without any additional software.

2. Use strong passwords

When you get Login details of your Windows VPS, first make sure that all the passwords are strong. If not, then change password immediately. When you are up to preparing a password for your VPS or application, make sure that you keep that password as long as you can in the allowable limit and also use a mixture of letter, numbers and special characters.

3. Install latest windows updates regularly

Microsoft works constantly to release updates for Microsoft products like windows OS. With Windows Update, you can get and install these updates not only the critical ones. Usually, the updates enhance your server’s performance. Updates can also fix the bugs of Operating System.

4. Disable unwanted services

Disable the services which are not necessary for the server. This will not only enhance the server’s performance, but it will also increase the server’s security.


Make sure that the top windows VPS hosting provider follows these points while dealing with your VPS hosting.

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