Why One Should Not Index Domain With His Web Hosting?


There are ample resources when it comes to domain registrars, resellers, and intercessors. Trying to adjudge which one to adopt can be shattering, and it may resemble innate to use the web hosting to amass everything in one slot. Withal, registering domain with the host can be an abhorrent idea, for inferences discussed below.

Domains and Hosting–a scanty inherent :

Boasting a blog or website comprises of two different parts, the domain and the host. It is imperative to grasp these facets for the most impressive administration of the site. The domain is the abode visitors use to get to the site. One can book a domain with any number of web hosting India – inherently one pays a yearly fee to use that distinct web address. If one stops subscribing, someone else can grab the domain alternatively.

Website hosting is the utility that literally caches the website’s files on the server of a web hosting company. Self-hosted websites lease server slot from a company that concede to store the files.

Intrinsically, one puts his website’s dossiers on his web hosting services servers, then request his domain to pinch to those files when any one puts in his URL. It is sort of like installing a SIM card inside a cell phone – the SIM card advises that phone that it should respond to a clock like phone number. Just like one can change the SIM card of his cell and let the phone operate with a disparate phone number, the domain can be set to work with some other network hosting dispensation.

The domain enrollment predicament :

When one sets up hosting for a website, he can also register his domain through the web hosting providers most of the time. For a good number of people, keeping all the website stuff in the same place represents a good idea. He only has to keep up with one set of login data, and he knows that his linux web hosting providers technical support staff may make sure everything is shaped decently.

However, one also has the privilege to book his domain some where else and honestly informs it to his host.

Heap the domain in one place :

If one ever get mad at his web host and adjudges to move his site, he can also presumably want to shift his domain if the same is registered with the earlier host. Domain deportation can be hectic, time-consuming, and embarrassing. But if one has hooked the domain elsewhere, he does not have to do anything other than to update his DNS backdrop to point to the current windows web hosting company.

Register all the domains at a time :

One might be thinking that may be legitimate, but for many of us, websites are perpetual. If one needs to oversee them, he can just go to the registrar and mass refurbish the DNS ambience.

Supplementary surveillance :

When the hackers hack a website, they shift the domain away from the web host and take it over. It takes ages for the owner to authenticate occupancy and to get everything back. When the domains are sovereign, even if someone gets avenue to the files, the domains are safe.

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Three exclusive earmarks that procreate Reseller Web Hosting Plans Desirable


Reseller hosting is a particular form of web hosting that arranges access to all of the tools and server holdings required to instantly frame, brand, market, and maintain a prosperous web hosting site.

As a web hosting India reseller, one can promptly create his own hosting company with nominal financing, know how, and competence. In fact, many of the bigger web hosting providers, who are successful in today’s market, started their assignments by procuring wholesale server resources as a reseller for another big hosting provider.

The hosting industry is exclusive because it is cut and dried in such a way that it is feasible for the nominal hosting provider to moderately progress into the worldwide hosting empire.

There are three unique features that positively make web hosting company hosting plans desirable.

Basic site formation and business branding

Basic site formation is the most enticing feature of a reseller web hosting services plan. Large number of website forming tools expedite this process:

  • Inventory producers,
  • Picture arcade creators,
  • content administration scheme,
  • council building platforms,

All of these can be restrained through user-friendly supervisory integrates.

Reseller web hosting providers plan offers the tools that make it simple for one to go for his own web hosting site adopting thousands of predesigned impressions that can be instantly put into use on every page without disturbing the content. Not only is it child’s play to frame the site, but is also easy to monitor, adapt, and brand the control panel net work that resellers’ customers use every day.

The customers do not have any tip that he is a reseller, unless they think that the reseller is a well settled web hosting provider, for the reason that when they log in, they see the custom logo laid out at the top rim of the control panel.

Adjustable policy formulation

When one buys a linux web hosting providers hosting plan, he gives in a distinct amount of server reserves. Then he has a complete freedom to break them up according to his plans for his clients. He can assign a definite chunk of web hosting resources to each customer, and price his plans in order to gain the highest possible profit.

With a email hosting companies deal, one becomes the master his own web hosting activity. By having the power to instantly modifying the size of his web hosting deals, he can bid each client literally as much as they need, and can also assure that some customers do not grab the in operative server resources uselessly.

Improved payment kit

The reseller web hosting control panel offers all the tools to arrange for a computerized billing via email. When the payment collection time comes from his clients, the automated invoicing application built in with the reseller web hosting plan, instantly counts how much a customer owes on the basis of how many server resources he has used, and then bill them proportionately, after which they are transferred to a payment page where payment is collected and dropped to the resellers’ account by its own nature.

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How One Can Change Their Fortune By Reselling Web Hosting?


People can make money in various ways from web hosting business. Some common ways are:-

Affiliate Programs: This is the easiest way to earn from reselling web hosting. The potential earning of the Reseller is practically unlimited. The reseller program allows the affiliate to charge whatever the affiliate wants and sell as many Web hosting plans as the affiliate would like. The Reseller program also allows the affiliate the ability to create and customize his own flexible and for also higher margins. Many web hosting companies start affiliate program to enlarge their customer base. When the affiliate refers customer and successfully sell him a plan, the affiliate earns a good commission. This type of venture brings good revenue income as per the type of their hosting. When consultation service for their respective web is provided to customers online, it becomes an added plus.

Cloud Hosting: It offers remote virtual server as a service. It is used for web hosting and other IT computations. Here the physical server is divided into number of virtual servers and each one is unique. Since each customer is having his unique IP address, it offers a greater performance and as a cloud affiliate, more will be the sales, more will be the chance to earn commission.

Reseller Web Hosting: Another lucrative way to earn money online with web hosting business. It allows the affiliate company to sell the service of a particular company on his own. In this case, the affiliate company acts as a whole seller who purchase the package in bulk price and sell them at a larger one.

The main web hosting company will bill the reseller for the whole account just once. The reseller, in turn, may make collections and bill his customers in the way that he likes or as per the agreement. He can also divide the account into small packages and bundle other products with them. Web designers often bundle a web hosting plans with their services, so that the customer gets everything under one roof. When a reseller adds his services with web hosting, the customer is more keen to renew with him so that all services are obtained from a single window and there is only one point of contact. This raises the scope of customer retention for the hosting service and also the primary service with which it was tied up. This in turn opens the door for more earnings to come.

Web Hosting is a remunerative business, provided it is conducted by the right people who at least knows the ABC of the business.

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Leading 9 Options for Well Managed WordPress Hosting


The popularity of WordPress is getting enhanced, a wide number of companies have found various ways to meet the hosting needs of users by offering managed WordPress hosting.

Leading 9 Options for Well Managed WordPress Hosting

The new breed of hosts targeting WordPress users specifically often provides support for WordPress related issues. Also, their servers are configured for the best performance. Some of the leading options followed by website hosting company in Kolkata for well managed WordPress hosting include:

  • WPEngine – It is considered to be among the best available options. It is known to comprise some well respected members of the WordPress community in their team including advisors and investors. It well emphasizes on page load speeds along with security.

Also, it comprise of its own CDN service for further enhancement of the speed of the page. In case of security, it holds a one-click backup and restores process in the respective plans. It also scans well for hacking attempts.

  • Page.ly – Page.ly is among the leaders in the world of managed WordPress hosting. It is known to comprise of a large number of features which are really ideal for customers who prefer little maintenance. Some of the features include automatic WordPress core upgrades, plug-in updates, backups, pre-installed plug-ins along with 2 minute setup.

Additionally, performance and security gets improved through varnish cache, CDN, security and hosting from Firehost. Price generally commences from $19.95 monthly for each and every site and may vary as per the number of traffics invited.

  • Synthesis – It is the hosting division of Copy blogger Media. The primary selling features associated with Synthesis include performance and security which form concerns about every website owner using WordPress. Migration services like file cleanup and permissions lock down are offered to customers.

Best performance can be fetched by using Genesis framework. Pricing starts at $27 per month for single website plan and may vary upon supporting of number of unique visitor daily.

  • WPWebHost – The first company to offer hosting specifically for WordPress. The respective associated clients include a number of popular blogs and have partnered well with some leading theme shops to give exclusive discounts on premium themes for customers.

At present, the pricing starts from $3.48 on monthly basis for plan suitable for more than 10,000 visitors per month. It may vary!

  • CloudyPress – Similar to Page.ly, it also offers automatic upgrades of the WordPress core and plug-ins. The cloud hosting service offer scalable resources along with security monitoring and free CDN. Nightly backups are meant for additional protection.

Pricing starts at $19 per month for a plan supporting more than 20,000 page views. There are some other plans as well.

  • ZippyKid – ZippyKid is known to advertise the site regarding the fact that it will get loaded 3 times faster on the server. It is achieved through the usage of CDN, caching and servers that are configured specifically for WordPress along with permitting scalability.

Pricing starts at $25 per month for a single website with maximum 100,000 visitors per month and may vary further.

  • KahunaHost – Kahuna Host has been known to partner with leading premium theme providers like Organic themes and Headway themes. The customers can get a premium theme in a single installation. Through this one can have full control to use other scripts.

Pricing starts at $20 per month for a plan and may increase as per the supporting number of visitors.

  • Lightning Base – It has been known to offer manageable hosting with fast page downloads due to varnish cache, global CDN and many more. Comprehensive firewalls along with hacking recovery help are offered for security, coaching set-up and CDN.

Pricing starts from $9.95 per month on the basis of plans and may further increase.

  • WebsiteHall – WebsiteHall offers managed WordPress hosting with security hardening, round the clock proactive security monitoring and migration assistance and so on.

Pricing starts from $9 per month and may differ on the basis of storage and bandwidth.

Pros and Cons Associated with Using of Managed WordPress Hosting

Some pros and cons associated with the using of managed WordPress hosting include:

  • Performance – High performance in case of dedicated server
  • Reliability– Fast loading speed can be expected
  • Security – It is possible to take due precautions
  • Hands free Maintenance – Several offer automatic updates
  • Support – Though support is available, support hours are hardly mentioned
  • Pricing – The price may be bit higher in comparison to leading web hosting companies.

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Expectations from a Recognized Reseller Hosting Company


Till date it has been clear to me that owners of business including reputed authors and publishers hold a wide range of choice for utilizing web hosting service. As per requirements they either go for plans provided by any web hosting company or avail the desired package of reseller hosting firm.

Reseller Hosting Company in Kolkata

Values Associated with Reseller Hosting Company

Recently I have been recruited by a reseller hosting company in Kolkata and at present a permanent employee. My designation is a reseller. I am not a single person to deal everything. There is a group of resellers like me who has been provided the responsibility to sell a particular portion of the bandwidth and space being utilized from a genuine company. We play as customers along with being involved into the business of reselling the hosting services keeping into consideration the most suitable plan for our valuable customers. We also provide a wide range of hosting packages to select the best. Sometimes the plans offered are in line along with the parent company. Here are many customers who prefer to acquire the services from our reseller hosting organization due to the following advantages:

  • Timely Response: We are very particular in this matter. We provide prompt reply to the queries flowing towards us. We have learnt to give importance to our existing and upcoming clients. We also assist our potential customers constantly regarding rates. We do not support making our clients wait for long time in a serpentine queue.
  • Touch with a Stable Enterprise: At present genuineness is valued rather than show. You may rely on us blindly as we get the specified bandwidth and storage space from registered company known for windows web hosting in Kolkata. It owns its server hardware and has invested in advanced backup systems plus add on provided to clients. We have been in touch with the same company for more than five years.

For further convenience you are most welcome to check the reviews regarding our credibility and surveillance in business on the internet.

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Web Hosting Has Various Branches and Options


When you want to buy hosting privileges, you always think about various options which are there for you. You can either using windows web hosting or either go for linux based web hosting. Both of them are different and both have their pros and cons. But it has been noted in the recent years that many web masters are actually opting only to use windows web hosting because of its better features. And hence, many web developers in Kolkata are also suggesting their clients to use windows web hosting.

Reseller Hosting in Kolkata What the major types of web hosting upon which people often do their work? The market has various types of web hosting spaces, but generally there are only 3 major ones which run all around the world. The following are the 3 major web hosting types;

  • Free web hosting and using services: These are the cheapest ones and economical. But you will have to endure advertisements with them, which is a pain for some people.
  • Shared type web hosting services: A single web page give the felicitation to many other different sites. And here, the number of web pages can vary from 100 to 10000, hence it is vast
  • Reseller type web host: This is a function of hosting where; an account owner or holder has the power to allot his or her hard drive disk space and bandwidth to other third party players for usage and storage. You can find many; companies giving advice on reseller hosting in Kolkata

. Why is the windows one the most appealing? This is of course because of the fact that the windows web hosting can accommodate various kinds of application which are made by Microsoft and only for Microsoft products. Hence, you will find that they are many professional working upon windows web hosting in Kolkata.

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Reseller Web Hosting to Complete the Demand of All Scale Organisations


Gone are the days of using traditional media like newspaper, television, radio. After the introduction of the internet, the promotion, circulation and communication have changed in multiple folds. Now, people look for any information through the search engines like Google, Bing etc. Here rose the requirement of online websites to get the attention of the viewers and users of internet and increase the foothold. However, gaining the space in internet world is not easy and accessible by everyone. For this, there is a need of proper route to acquire the space and bandwidth to serve the purpose.

Web hosting service: what does the reseller do?

Web hosting is one of the major task in managing the website and webpages. Every website holder is in requirement of a certain amount of hard disk space and bandwidth to provide the access via internet to their visitors with quality information. Web hosting allows the people to gain some space in a server that is leased or owned. This is attached with internet connectivity and data centre space. Resellers are the people to buy the web hosting space from the original providers at a wholesale rate. Further, they sell or rent this space to the customers with a profit margin. The cost of reseller web hosting in Kolkata is under the affordability of all. Starting from single individuals to business organisation, everyone can get the services according to their budget and requirement. Paid web hosting services come with an attachment of several additional services to offer a smooth usage to their customers.

There are numerous windows web hosting in Kolkata companies present to succumb the thirst of the large volume of customers. They ask for a nominal price in accordance with the bandwidth and storage space in hard disk. Simple and single web page web hosting service is less costly than complex sites. It is because they need complex application development platforms like ColdFusion, JAVA, PHP, ASP.NET etc. SSL servers are the current demand among the customers because of the ecommerce site development. Some control panels are attacjed with the web hosting service to the customers to receive a flawless experience. Plesk, directAdmin, WHM/c Panel, WebmMin and H-Sphere are the panels available.

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