What are the basic elements of Website Design you should understand well?


If you have heard the term Website Design you should also know the exact meaning of this term. The Website Design can be briefly described as the process of collecting several ideas and arranging these ideas aesthetically. Website Design further implements the ideas working under certain principles and for some specific purpose. The Website Design is finally presented in the web pages electronically. The end users will be able to access the different pages of the Website by browsing through the internet. It may be worthwhile to discuss the elements of a web development services company.

The Elements Of a Website Design:

 There is certain key visual type of elements in a professional web development services which are as follows:

The Layout of a Website:

The layout in a Website Design can be a great way to help to find the information very quickly and at a glance. The layout helps to arrange the ads, the graphics and the texts properly and in an orderly manner which makes the Ecommerce website design attractive as well as useful. The consistency, the balance and the integrity of the design should be maintained in a proper way to get the best result in a layout.

The Choice Of Proper Colours:

The choice of the colours will be largely influenced by the type of the clientele and the purpose of the web design and development services. There are various choices of the colour scheme. It can be a multi coloured design or it can be a simple black and white design, etc. It is not important how brilliant colour has been used. What is important is the use of right colour for achieving the best result in a Website.

The Selection Of The Graphics:

When we talk about Graphics it means the use of photos, logos, icons or clip art. All these can help to enhance the design of a Website Design immensely. What is very important to remember is that the graphics need to be placed correctly on achieving the best user friendliness of a Ecommerce website design company.  Also, it is possible to make a Website load much faster by arranging the placement of the graphics on the Website as well as by choosing the right graphics.

The Choice Of The Right Fonts:

The use of the right type of fonts will enhance the Website Design greatly. However, the majority of the Web browsers now only read a few selected types of fonts. These fonts are also termed as “web-safe fonts”. Therefore, it is important that your designer should try to work within this accepted group effectively while making a ecommerce web development.

The Use Of Contents In A Website Design:

 The harmony of the design and the content can enhance the message conveyed in a Website Design brilliantly. The use of relevant and useful written texts is very helpful to a reader. With the availability of the required text, the users do not get confused as otherwise will like to happen. The users will in all probability remain on the site for a much longer time if the right contents are made available in a best website design compay in Kolkata. Also, it will be highly helpful for the performance of a Business if the contents are optimised for a search engine. Use of suitable keywords and having a suitable length of content will be very helpful for optimisation.

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Need To Understand The Basic Need Of A Website


Before creating or designing a website one need to understand what a website basically means. A website, simply said as site is a bunch of linked web pages generally dealt from a single web field. A website is managed on at least one web server, attainable through a network like internet or local area connection via an internet address called as Uniform Resource Locator (URL) by web design services. All websites which can be accessed publicly establish World Wide Web (WWW). The documentation of web pages are typically written in simple text infused with arranging commands of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML or XHTML) called website design. One can easily enter the pages of a website from a simple URL known as web address. The URL of the pages helps managing into a rank, despite the fact hyper linking between them tells the visitor’s noticed site structure and leads the reader’s exploration of the site which is generally consist a home page, which includes links of the site’s web content, auxiliary about contacts and other linked pages of that site. These are very crucial part and should be maintained by experienced website design services. Some of the websites craves for subscription that is one must be a registered user for using that website. Registration for a website doesn’t always mean that it has to be paid, it can also be a free website. Normally these types of websites are free of cost nowadays. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Academic journal websites
  • Web-based email
  • Social networking websites i.e. websites storing or sharing of images, files etc.

Planning, creating and updating of the web pages of a website are the typical steps to create or design a website as per website design company. Website design also includes data architecture, website structure, user interface, navigations, layout, paint, fonts and graphics. While designing websites for trading purpose one should build the site with following categories:

  • A clear description of the trader
  • An easily navigated site map
  • Easy to find contact information
  • Customer testimonials
  • Quality content
  • A user-friendly design

Similarly if it’s a website for online learning, which is generally known an e-learning, the designer should keep in mind the following steps:

  • keep it significant and on-topic
  • Analysis is the way to engage learners
  • Inclusion of interactive and reality based synopsis
  • Assessments at the end of each lesson
  • Addition of motion graphics
  • Encourage group discussions
  • Make e-learning courses aesthetically appealing.

Summing of all the above points can award a quality e-learning website. Inclusion of too many videos and images should not take away from the core point. In modern days e-learning is rising on its peak as students are seeking the opportunities for a flexible scheduled and cost efficient learning courses that online studies can offer. E-learning is a chance of getting a degree and also a way of advancing one’s knowledge by applying for different additional courses or for higher educational courses via internet with the help of various websites, without stepping out from one’s place. Students with financial problems can learn online for free, as many costless websites has been created where no need to buy textual books. One can study from study materials provided by them through internet. Benefits from e-learning is given below:

  • Schedule flexibility
  • Easy to access
  • Plenty of options
  • Cost worthy

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Demands Of Responsive Website In Market And Its Coding Techniques


Responsive website is suitable to use from any device therefore previously for normal web design we had to made different version of website for different device but here we don’t need to do so. This kind of web design is capable of resizing its lay outs or pictures according to the width of the screen, so we can conclude that this method is less time consuming and smart way of web designing. Now days more over all web design company companies are updating their web designs and converting their normal website to responsive website.

Demands of responsive website:

the demand of responsive web design is increasing every day as this kind of website is much user friendly and need less effort to manage data

Most of the website making companies are switching over to responsive website as it is much better than handling different version of same site. Here all you need is just one version of website which supports by all device.

web design services have the capability to provide excellent visual experience and quality of the layouts are much better than the normal website, so these things proves that the demand of responsive website is increasing.

Coding techniques of responsive website:

Coding technique of normal website and responsive website is more over same except the slight difference is in recognizing the screen width, device type and resizing is the basic difference.

You can do the coding part using html5 java php.asp or anything you are friendly with but its better to select a safe platform.

Always add the meta-tag on the head of your web site coding cause it detects your browser type and device screen size and helps you to modify the picture size.

website design company have to declare some packages before the coding to import those property on your coding. For java you need to declare the applet class and need to do the programming under this class. The advantage of applet class you don’t need to make its object you can directly use it.

Java is provides much more security so it is better to use java instead of html.

The actual formula of flexible layout is to divide the target element width with the present element width and it will give the required element width. This is the main step of responsive website designing.

The data management part is also related with the coding. It has two approaches such a- one is top-down approach of data base management and other one is button-up approach. You can use any one in which you are friendly.

Here you have to deal with lots of data and you might find lots of redundancy in it and for that we have to use the normalization rule for normalizing the equation.

We can use different types of algorithm for that but before that first we have to find the primary keys and super keys and have to identify what kind of functional dependency it is then apply the rule.

So this are some basic coding techniques of responsive web designing.

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How Crucial Is SSL Certificate For Ecommerce Sites?


An ecommerce organization needs to introduce the SSL Certificate onto its web server to launch secure sessions with browsers. Ideally SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins. Online shoppers are very keen about the safety of their information.

It encrypts the information which can only be read and comprehended by the intended parties. Normally information submitted to internet passes through a number of computers and the more is the arrest, greater is the chance for a third party to get access into the data. An SSL certificate, inserting random character into the original information, makes it incomprehensible to these third parties. If, by chance, it goes into the wrong hand, it will be unreadable and become useless. A reputed ecommerce website development service provider can be contacted to get SSL license.

The reason why SSL Certificate is crucial for e commerce sites, are as follows:

  • Authentication: When a SSL Certificate is issued, a server certificate is also issued simultaneously. It acts as a mediator between the browser and SSL server to authenticate the originality of the certificate provider. Customers can view these documents and can be rest assured about the safety and security of their information, they input into the site.
  • Payments: According to the payment card industry compliance, an online business needs SSL certificate with the proper encryption of at least 128-bit. PCI standard verify the source, right strength of encryption, then provides the connection. So without obtaining SSL Certificate no site is allowed to accept credit card payment which is the main route for money to come in.
  • Phishing: Phishing e mails often contain links of the replica of a trusted website. Mostly these emails gather credit card information for malicious practice. So when the receiver of such email doesn’t notice the sign of security on the site, they navigate away.
  • Brand power: Big ecommerce companies often offer site seal and other images in their site with the SSL Certificate. These branded icons provide additional level of assurance to the customers for the security of their information.
  • Trust: The whole process work together to build trust between the business and its potential customers. Providing data security and online verification of the same improve confidence and help customers to ensure a positive buying experience.
  • Compatibility: SSL website encryption is compatible with over 99% of Web browsers and work on most browsers being used to view the sites available in the market.

Most SSL Certificates contain the name of the domain, company, its address, location city, state, and country. It also contains a date of expiry and the details of the Certificate Authority. If any of these checks fails the web browser will display a warning and the user comes to know that the site is not secured by SSL.

Therefore going through the authorization process necessary to obtain a trusted SSL Certificate is a must for ecommerce business. Genuine SSL certificate can be obtained from ecommerce website design companies easily. Without a SSL Certificate, it is very difficult or rather impossible to get payments. Potential customers want cent percent of their data security when it goes through a cyberspace and SSL certification is the best way to give them that peace of mind.


A Reliable Web Hosting Is Must For Future


With more and more business registering online, a reliable web hosting is crucial for the development of any business, enterprise or organisation. To keep with the changing times and the era of digitization, entrepreneurs must optimise their business strategy. They must familiarise themselves with online terms related to websites and web hosting and strive to keep up with their counterparts.

Without Web hosting, a website will not be active and live on the internet. Registering a domain name is not enough for a website to be viewable easily on search engines. A web hosting account is needed in order to utilise the purpose of a website in the first place. If a website is built without having the services of a proper web hosting India company, it will be of no use as the files and data you upload will not be visible on the internet. Web hosting makes it possible for your website to be easily accessible and viewable by everyone on the internet.

A reliable web hosting India company is needed in order to build an efficient website with a dedicated server and stable email. These companies exist because these services are often out of reach for the average business owner. These hosting companies invest in network architecture and make your site available 24 by 7. Web hosting companies manage all of your website related concerns including the maintenance and repairing of servers. They allow you to buy/rent space on servers where all your website related information, files and data will be placed.

The average business owner/individual does not possess all the knowledge it takes to run a website smoothly and this is where web hosting comes to play. You have the ability to make your own fully fledged server right at home but then you will be needing loads of RAM, a powerful computer and processor which can cost dearly. You will also require the technical skills needed in order to run things smoothly. That is why the services of such companies are needed where they create and manage a server for you.

Investment should be made in a reliable web hosting company which has prior experience in handling servers and websites. Features of a Premier Web Hosting Company

*Removing the need to set up your own servers thus minimising cost.

*Offers affordable services

*Lets you take advantage of the latest technology for the same price

*Guarantees your data and information are always online

*Frees you from unnecessary hassles relating to technical terms

*Provides a boost for your business

It is thus crucial to invest in the services of a web hosting company in order to gain an edge in your business. Also it helps to bring your website online easily and makes it accessible from search engines. As mentioned before, a person/business must take steps to keep up with ecommerce becoming more and more online oriented and more and more people shopping from the comfort of their home. It is important for start-ups to familiarise themselves with internet related terms and take steps to utilise the space they buy on the internet. Registering a domain without web hosting is like having a name which no one knows about.

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Is It Useful and Viable to Go For Cloud Based Web App Development


Application or app development over cloud platforms can be tedious. But the system is quite useful were it can easily be as Iaas, PaaS or even Saas.

As per a latest report, cloud app development and ERP work have topped the list in terms of enterprise requirements. Almost one in two companies looks for IaaS support; hence we can say that the whole concept is getting up and running.

There are several benefits also of using the cloud platform, as most are Java based apps. However, developers face the challenge on java.

Challenges and issues faced by the developers:

  • Fragmented codes or data

We know that cloud application development increases as the business grows, as every single app has its usage. However, this increases fragmentation issues on data across various offline apps. Because of low code work, the data can look at the same place and be fragmented.

The remedy is using customized point on point synergy in API or by doing cloud merge by Dell Boomi or Zaiper; but skill is essential.

  • Comprehending resource dependencies

Cloud apps always work in a diverse environment with 2 severs or more. The main thing is the developer must comprehend the dependencies in services. They can include, but not limited to, data bases and message based serves. In cloud, many services get in touch with one another and hence IP detection is not easy. But this process is easier with traditional app development. Because of this, the developer has to understand usability and spot resources. For this, developers use JNDI or even resource mapping.

  • Checking horizontal scales

It is done to pair up with several software and hardware, as and when needed. The connection aids the system to hook up as a single unit. But some apps are not horizontal in nature; hence writing has to be done likewise to accommodate it.

  • Caution please

Localization can be useless for your cloud, as cloud is all about distributing data. Developers should use abstract physical IPs for location pattern to find the best app.

  • Cloud testing

Productive cycle development is needed and this can be tedious, as smooth transition from local to cloud depends on accurate tool usage.

  • Difficult to differentiate

Offering unique service has become quite difficult for everyone as all of them use similar technology. Novelty has to be reached in this regard.

The benefits of using and doing app based development over cloud
There are several development platforms that you can use for Iaas and Paas; for example Azure by Microsoft or Google App Engine. There are several benefits of doing cloud development, so let’s see them;

  • Time saving

Quickness is promoted through cloud development. Developers can use all tools and software over the cloud much more easily and efficiently. Also the deployment is fantastic.

  • Money saving

By using SaaS concept, a company can save tons of money. Cloud saves money on infrastructure and deployment, and hence it’s feasible for any little or small company.

  • Quite simple

Developers can work on the app through a web browser, as there not many technical apprehensions.

  • Total utilization

Cloud promotes efficiency as virtual services are more organized.

  • Multiple device capability

It does not matter what OS or operation system you use, cloud can use it. That’s because could made apps can run on multiple devices easily.

  • Tie ups

With cloud platforms, you can easily tie up with other designers, developers and architects during the development phase. All of it can help with better end output.

  • Scalability

You can always scale up the app down or up; also the app can go both horizontal and otherwise.

  • The future
  • It’s flexible, cheap and fast; hence cloud development is the future. Many IT teams are inclined towards using cloud platforms.

Check your approach for cloud development

Development has to be complete and total and one must gain and obtain all needs of the organization not only on the development front. The IT team and the developer should liaise with each other. This way the whole cloud system works in the best possible way.

Usability on different platforms

There have been some cases of lack of consistency over APIs on cloud, and some developers have shown their apprehension. But you can always contact a website development company to get the best help and aid about cloud.

It is viable for your whole business?

Well it comes down to the fact that what you need and what you plan for the future. Now app development for you business should be done on a long term basis. And cloud app making is a thing of the future. You just have to think about its efficiency and economy.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting E-commerce Development Company


In order to promote a healthy relationship with new clients and existing customers, companies always have to make use of various methods like electronic commerce—formally called e-commerce. E commerce allows a company to easily stay in touch with the customers, and it also gives the customers a chance to stay connected with the company. The companies get the option of live and instant feed backs with the customer if they open up this avenue.

That is why, in today’s world, it has become very vital for business owners to create and run an e commerce website. But, creating an e commerce website is not a matter of joke, as it is not easy to do so. This is where one has to be clever in selecting the right e commerce website developing company. A competent website portal making company can easily help your cause of creating a good e commerce website so that your customers can get attracted to you over the internet.

The study says so:

As per various studies, it has been noted that online buying and selling has gradually increased by 25 percent in the last few years. It is estimated that it can grow even further. Hence it has become even more vital to opt for a competent website development company in this modern world. That’s because, for a customer, a good website equals to a good product selling company.

The points that have to be followed:

For your benefit, you should always keep in mind the below following recommendations when you are looking for an e commerce web development company:

  • Check the company’s previous track record and work; they should be up to the standards you need
  • Check out a company’s list of clients and the work they have done for them. This will help you to understand the company better.
  • Also, make sure that the company you are going for is not indulged in any kind of fraud or fishing. This can help you with keeping confidentially of your own data and info, as well as your clients.
  • The company has to be competent enough to readdress all issues related to redevelopment. They should provide support as per need.
  • The pricing and the deadline maintaining is the also core thing that you should look out for. The main motto of company should be about providing quality within the stipulated time.

If you consider the above points, then even you can end up with a good e commerce making website company.

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