Is It Useful and Viable to Go For Cloud Based Web App Development

Application or app development over cloud platforms can be tedious. But the system is quite useful were it can easily be as Iaas, PaaS or even Saas.

As per a latest report, cloud app development and ERP work have topped the list in terms of enterprise requirements. Almost one in two companies looks for IaaS support; hence we can say that the whole concept is getting up and running.

There are several benefits also of using the cloud platform, as most are Java based apps. However, developers face the challenge on java.

Challenges and issues faced by the developers:

  • Fragmented codes or data

We know that cloud application development increases as the business grows, as every single app has its usage. However, this increases fragmentation issues on data across various offline apps. Because of low code work, the data can look at the same place and be fragmented.

The remedy is using customized point on point synergy in API or by doing cloud merge by Dell Boomi or Zaiper; but skill is essential.

  • Comprehending resource dependencies

Cloud apps always work in a diverse environment with 2 severs or more. The main thing is the developer must comprehend the dependencies in services. They can include, but not limited to, data bases and message based serves. In cloud, many services get in touch with one another and hence IP detection is not easy. But this process is easier with traditional app development. Because of this, the developer has to understand usability and spot resources. For this, developers use JNDI or even resource mapping.

  • Checking horizontal scales

It is done to pair up with several software and hardware, as and when needed. The connection aids the system to hook up as a single unit. But some apps are not horizontal in nature; hence writing has to be done likewise to accommodate it.

  • Caution please

Localization can be useless for your cloud, as cloud is all about distributing data. Developers should use abstract physical IPs for location pattern to find the best app.

  • Cloud testing

Productive cycle development is needed and this can be tedious, as smooth transition from local to cloud depends on accurate tool usage.

  • Difficult to differentiate

Offering unique service has become quite difficult for everyone as all of them use similar technology. Novelty has to be reached in this regard.

The benefits of using and doing app based development over cloud
There are several development platforms that you can use for Iaas and Paas; for example Azure by Microsoft or Google App Engine. There are several benefits of doing cloud development, so let’s see them;

  • Time saving

Quickness is promoted through cloud development. Developers can use all tools and software over the cloud much more easily and efficiently. Also the deployment is fantastic.

  • Money saving

By using SaaS concept, a company can save tons of money. Cloud saves money on infrastructure and deployment, and hence it’s feasible for any little or small company.

  • Quite simple

Developers can work on the app through a web browser, as there not many technical apprehensions.

  • Total utilization

Cloud promotes efficiency as virtual services are more organized.

  • Multiple device capability

It does not matter what OS or operation system you use, cloud can use it. That’s because could made apps can run on multiple devices easily.

  • Tie ups

With cloud platforms, you can easily tie up with other designers, developers and architects during the development phase. All of it can help with better end output.

  • Scalability

You can always scale up the app down or up; also the app can go both horizontal and otherwise.

  • The future
  • It’s flexible, cheap and fast; hence cloud development is the future. Many IT teams are inclined towards using cloud platforms.

Check your approach for cloud development

Development has to be complete and total and one must gain and obtain all needs of the organization not only on the development front. The IT team and the developer should liaise with each other. This way the whole cloud system works in the best possible way.

Usability on different platforms

There have been some cases of lack of consistency over APIs on cloud, and some developers have shown their apprehension. But you can always contact a website development company to get the best help and aid about cloud.

It is viable for your whole business?

Well it comes down to the fact that what you need and what you plan for the future. Now app development for you business should be done on a long term basis. And cloud app making is a thing of the future. You just have to think about its efficiency and economy.

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