Domain Registration Its Importance For An Individual Website


Are you an individual website owner? Do you have one or more than one website running on Google? If your answer is yes then you must know the importance for domain registration for business as well as individual website. These days, most of people, especially individual website owners do not purchase domain or custom domain. Most of them like to run their websites with a free domain name registration. If you are running for the same then you must know what is the benefits and importance of using a custom domain instead of using a free domain name of an individual website.

Benefits And Advantages Of A Domain

There are many benefits as well as advantages of having a cheapest domain registration, but to know about it in detail and its plan you need to discuss about your website domain and what should be the address with a professional as well as experienced domain seller, which can help you to do the entire process. Are you finding a professional domain seller? If you are looking for one then a professional could help you to register, or if you are technical person then you must know how to do without taking help from a seller.

Get Your Domain For Use Only

Custom space enlistment is imperative for individual and business site. On the off chance that you are running an individual or individual site or in the event that you are running a little or medium level business then you comprehend the significance and advantages of purchasing area domain registration. This is the way you have to know the advantages and also focal points of utilizing or purchasing a custom area. The greater part of the specialists in IT trust internet searcher positioning relies on upon custom area, and all the web indexes offer need to a custom space enlisted sites. Here in this article we will talk about how to enroll a custom area

Importance Of Custom Domain

The reality of the matter is that your site will get need when you purchase and fits a space with a custom area from a space enlistment organization, yet it dislike that it is conceivable just for business site, additionally valid for an individual site too. On the off chance that you are finding a trusted area affiliate in Kolkata then you can get it effectively surfing the web in the meantime domain name registration services. So you are there to find your best solutions without a doubt with no bother and at moderate cost.

Reliable Domain Registration Company

When you finally decided to buy or do domain registration you should buy from a trusted seller, a seller which is god for providing custom domain name that fits for your business. You must know what to do and when you do with your website, so better you should hire a domain registering company that can understand your domain need and help you choose the best domain ever that fits your individual as well as business website as well.

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How to Blog for Domain Name Registration


It has been first time for me into blogosphere which was an easy and interesting task. From very first day, I used to include brilliant theme of blog as approved for my valuable readers. But the first priority for me was to secure my website by choosing and registering domain name.

domain registration and hosting

Steps Regarding Domain Name Registration

But as I was a bit serious regarding the task of blogging, I came through some important steps regarding domain name registration which can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Free Services – They are known to permit hosting of one site off another with the help of sub domain. Apart from being convenient, they hold certain limitations and restrictions.
  • Professional Domain Registration – This may be considered to be highly beneficial in future. As a registrar is responsible for managing domain name along with information and helpful services, West Host among all is known to provide certain benefits including direction, securing of domain name registrations and assisting in maintaining high control over it.

Proper and Perfect Functioning of Domain Name

Before registering my domain name, I had put considerable thought in selection of the most suitable one. For the purpose of proper functioning related to perfect domain registration and hosting, some of the points I learnt were:

  • Keeping of the domain name simple along with straightforward. This enables easy recognition by the audience.
  • I had bet to select that domain name which would be targeting my idea in the most specific manner.
  • I avoided the task of including hyphens into my domain name. Inclusion of hyphen puts the audience into confusion.
  • I also gave due stress to provide relevant length to my domain name. I preferred to use shorter domain names as they are easy to remember and not readily available. I took assistance from search engines.

Valuable Suggestions for Domain Registration

As I learnt so many points, I was finally in a fix. Afterwards, I successfully fetched some valuable suggestions regarding domain registration and hosting which were:

  • Selection of domain registrar – After I successfully found out the perfect domain name for my blog, it was my next aim to register the same with domain registrar. Similar to a reputed and recognized company for purchase with credibility, West Host has achieved the same reputation in the world of trusted domain registrar. As far as price rate is concerned, it is limited only to $9 in yearly basis.
  • Essential Requirements Regarding Domain Registration – As per my observation, the procedure regarding domain registration was easier for me. I was asked to provide my contact information along with other personal details as per the guidelines of ICANN. I came to learn that those details were getting accumulated on WHOIS public online directory. The domain privacy has been provided by user friendly registrars.

After I got selected by the registrar, it was my turn to determine the duration of owning the domain name. As it is considered to be personal preference, I also got the opportunity to renew the same as per my own choice. After successful registration and activation of the domain name, I turned my attention towards web hosting which is a daunting as well as interesting activity.

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