What are the Benefits of Purchasing Names from a Domain Reseller?

People who are owners of websites have undergone through the process of booking domain name and hosting space. Though some of us have got the name and space as a bundle, the more adventurous for us is all about purchasing the name and space from separate providers. Many of us are not familiar with the vendor options at the time of purchasing a domain.

Domain names can be purchased directly from a certified registrar or from a domain reseller of an authorized registrar. The reseller may be your hosting company, software vendor or hardware vendor. It is high time to notice the reason why it is more beneficial to purchase domain names from a trusted reseller rather than from the registrar.

Pricing – A Paramount Factor

Price is a paramount factor in determining the correct place of buying the domain name. Usually registrars offer domain name for sale at very high prices in comparison to a top domain reseller. Resellers commit a certain number of domain sales to the registrar due to which they easily get the domain names at cheaper rate which they may pass on to clients.

The cheap rate implies a mammoth saving for businesses with numerous domain names or businesses that have several groups of companies.

Support along with DNS Management

Another important feature which is only provided by a top ten domain reseller company is all about personalized support. This implies that in case you are facing an issue with your domain name configuration or billing, you can easily reach out to your neighboring reseller and get a nippy resolution without the need to go throughout a long strained procedure.

Someone may also offer phone based shore up and may provide remote assistance for configuration as well. Though there will be hardly any change required to a domain name, at the time of switching a hosting provider or setting up a new account you may need some arrangement assistance.

DNS changes along with Name Server configuration may be considered to be a critical support as your entire website and related services depend on it. In case you mis-configure your domain name, your web page may become unreachable or may not be reachable in some parts of the world. This is quite damaging in case your business depends on online sales. This is one area where support of a low cost domain reseller may be crucial.

Freebies along with Premium Features

A domain reseller provides freebies along with some premium features along with a domain name, which others may not be able to provide. It may also offer WHOIS ID protection along with a hosting account. Others present an email id or even a free web page to promote your trade before you begin scheduling for a real website.

Easy Integration – Another Important Feature

Easy integration is another important feature of a top domain reseller. Domain names are never used in segregation and constantly have services attached to them. These services may be anything ranging from website hosting to email addresses of a vendor-hosted e-Commerce portal. It is very much important to remember that one needs to have full control on domain names all the time.

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