What Special Advantages You Can Get When You Sign Up With Windows Dedicated Server Provider?

The advantages of signing up with windows server hosting providers are many. The control and the flexibility that you will get from such type of hosting service are not possible to get from any other type of hosting service. Your server will far less receive an error message when there is a surge of traffic and thus your customers will never find your Website down. The speed of the server and therefore of the Website will be very high due to the exclusiveness of the resources available on the server. There will also be a very high level of security with a Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata. Chances of attack from a hacker or any DDoS attack is duly thwarted by such type of Dedicated Hosting service by taking suitable anti-hacking measures. The choice of a windows dedicated server hosting company means that you will be able to customise the server to exactly fit your needs. A few key advantages are discussed further in this article.

The Dedicated server is completely customisable:

With a Shared Web Hosting, the main problem comes from the fact that the server will be used by several Websites and hence there will be the use of the same resources by several parties. This is a big constraint for the Website which is struggling to manage the increasing traffic to the Websites. However, when you accept the windows dedicated server provider, you can easily come out of such issues as the total server will be at your disposal only and hence you can customise the server as per your need. Any type of operating system is possible to run on such server. Suitable library or framework or software can be installed on such server in order to meet the needs of a Business. Thus, for a growing Business, a Dedicated Server is definitely the best choice.

High degree of performance can be ensured:

Since no sharing is needed between multiple users, the hardware and the software resources can be best used in one direction by an owner of the dedicated server. The windows Dedicated Server Hosting company will give you the entire server so that you can use it to its full efficiency to get your desired objective fulfilled.

The security of the server and your Website will be very high:

The use of the same server by several Websites, render the service of a Shared Web Hosting very insecure. There are various ways which can break a partition and access the virtual hosting or the hypervisor platform. However, with a Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata, these problems are not present. The highest level of securities is ensured by a Dedicated Web Hosting service provider and there is practically no way to access the server by a hacker. Strong network security is also provided by the dedicated service provider and hence the security threat is practically zero.

The maintenance of the hardware:

When you seek the service of the Dedicated windows Server Hosting provider, the maintenance of the hardware and the software can be done by the provider particularly if it is a Managed Web Hosting Service. The chances of the unexpected outage will be extremely low and thus the site can be used fully to the benefit of a Business.

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