Why the Popularity of Linux VPS Hosting Provider in Kolkata is Increasing Phenomenally?


The choice of Linux based operating platform is gaining popularity. Many entrepreneurs choose this platform of Web Hosting for their online Businesses. The Windows hosting may also offer a number of benefits to the users, However, Linux is more affordable, secured and mutable system. This is the fundamental reason why a Linux VPS Hosting company in Kolkata is having a preference by Industries to host their websites on such a platform. There are other important reasons for the choice of Linux Web Hosting.

Security is reliable:

Linux Web Hosting is highly preferred in terms of security and reliability. The fully managed hosting offered by the best Linux VPS Hosting in Kolkata provides regular updates for the software as well as hardware which can ensure a very secure service to the server. The protection of the Websites that are being rendered by a Linux VPS Hosting provider reinforces the faith in such provider and thus the popularity of the provider is also increasing day by day.

A seamless high performance:

The users love to have an easy to use the system and this at the top of the preference list. The top Linux VPS Hosting provider in Kolkata provides a very stable system that can handle a large volume of applications. The users experience a very satisfying uptime with such system. The database and the scripting languages that are used to boost the accessibility and the speed of the Website like the PHP, MySQL or Perl Script, etc are very well supported by Linux.

The updates are very consistent:

The open source platform which is available for Linux system is used widely by the developers for using as per their choice. This platform may be used for repairing the patches and making improvements to the system as and when required. The seamless running of Linux VPS hosting offers a great benefit to the end users who can receive the highest value for their money. The free use of Linux is an additional attraction for the users.

The Web Hosting is highly cost-effective:

The open source nature of Linux OS makes this system very affordable. A Linux VPS Hosting provider can offer such hosting plans to the customers at a very reasonable rate. This is because no licensing fees are required to run such system. Also, you can run a wide range of application on Linux like the WordPress, Joomla, and several other open source tools. Anyone can use such tools which is a great cost saving factor for the users and this is one of greatest reasons for the popularity of Linux VPS Hosting provider. Ultimately, Businesses want to grow by spending money discreetly while at the same time using the best possible resources to carry out the jobs in the online world smoothly. The Windows system though has various flexibilities and is costlier than Linux and can hardly be afforded by a small or medium scale Business.

The high flexibility:

The use of Linux VPS hosting provided by the Linux VPS Hosting provider in Kolkata is also highly flexible. It can be used for various types of Websites like an e-commerce site, normal Business sites or a blog; this VPS hosting system can be very effective for all these sites. This is another very important reason for the popularity of Linux based VPS hosting.


When You Hire a Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata, Your All Problems of Web Hosting will be Taken Care of


The Web Hosting Business has become extremely competitive. There are different types of Hosting services available and everybody is vying to get a number of customers. The companies are offering lucrative propaganda which is not real and pragmatic. The Dedicated Web Hosting is by the best type of Web Hosting service and this fact is clear to understand. However, in this market of Dedicated hosting service, there are a lot of linux dedicated server provider in Kolkata who are claiming that their services are the best of the lot. When a visit to the Websites they are hosting is made, one will not be very surprised to find a big gap between what they are doing and what they are saying. You will seldom find a genuine Hosting provider who really believes in walk the talk.

If you look at the performance of the Websites being hosted by the different dedicated service providers, you will clearly understand why the dedicated server provider in Kolkata has a clear edge in providing quality hosting solutions to its customers. The Dedicated server will always have more advantage than a shred Web Hosting as here the server will not be loaded with several Websites making the Websites vulnerable to security threats and also cramming for resources which get overused for more demand than supply. Though this type of Shared Web Hosting is cheaper and fits the budget of small entrepreneurs having low traffic requirements for their Websites, it can never fulfil the aspirations of growing company who want to enjoy full control and authority for the use of the server.

Top benefits of getting the service of the Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata:

When a new Website is opened, it is very normal to select a Shared Web Hosting service which also hosts several other Websites. The cost of selecting a Shared service is much lower compared to a dedicated server. However, the heightened security issues, performance restrictions, and restrained functionalities are the major disadvantages of such Web Hosting for a growing company which is anticipating growth in traffic and growth in Business. The price tag cannot be an issue for a quality service. The benefits that are associated with a dedicated server company in Kolkata are described as follows:

The excellent accessibility: The exclusive ownership of a dedicated server provided by the dedicated server company can ensure that the data and the processes of the Website can be accessed easily without any delay and any hassles. The total control over the resources with high usage facility for the bandwidth gives seamless operational abilities of the Website and unexpected surge in traffic can never cause a problem in operation or outage of the server.

The proper management of the server:

The server can be managed as per your wish when you hire the service with a low cost dedicated server in Kolkata. It is very well possible to install as well as run a suitable operating system as you desire, and you can also configure the server as per your requirements.

A very low incident of security breaches and high reliability:

The best linux dedicated server in Kolkata will offer you unique IP address as the server will be dedicated for your use only. This increases the security of the Website and you will be under no threat from getting affected by malicious sites operating on the same server like a Shared Web Hosting. The reliability of such Web Hosting is also very high.

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What Factors Influence in Favour of Private Domain Registration?


ICANN has made it mandatory to furnish the detail contact information when a Domain Name is purchased. The contact information consists of your name, the mailing address as well as the permanent address, email address, your phone number, etc. This contact information will be taken for each Domain purchased and the contact information will further be updated in WHOIS database. The WHOIS database can be thought of a searchable directory and this is available to the public for knowing about the Domain Name information. The Domain Registration will not be complete unless the detail contact information is submitted to the Registrar who will further transmit the information to the WHOIS database. However, the problem with the personal information stored in the WHOIS database is that it is accessible to everybody and anybody can misuse the contact information. The use of private domain name registration will protect you from potential dangers of hacking your contact information. By use of the Private Domain Registration, you can keep the contact information out of reach of strangers. The Domain Registrar will replace the contact information submitted by you with his own contact information. However, you need to pay some additional fee for making a private Domain Registration. The important reasons which should go in favour of private Domain Registration are as follows:

Your privacy will be protected:

The cases of identity thefts are very common in present time. This risk of your personal information is high when your details are available in the database of WHOIS. This can be alleviated to a great extent by going for private Domain Registration. The person who will try to steal your contact details will find the proxy service only.

It will be easier to stop solicitation which is unwanted:

The risk for becoming the target of the spammers increase when your contact information is disseminated. Your contact information can be also accessible to those who do not have best of intentions. Even your business email can be accessed by the spammers who can cause the problem to you and to your customers also. Telemarketers also access and use your phone numbers for meeting their needs in an unscrupulous manner. Once you complete the personal Domain Registration, you can get protected from such problems.

Have control of your Domain and personal data:

With the private domain booking company, the personal information can be kept away from WHOIS database. It is possible for you to decide which data will be made public and displayed on the Website for your Business. You should provide contact information which is safe for use both for you’re and also for your customers.

Your email may be disguised by you:

Once you have made a private Domain Registration, Your domain provider should be able to provide you with a unique email address. This email address will be changing in the WHOIS database every 10 days and this will keep the spammers at bay. The emails which will be sent to such email address will be either filtered or marked as spam or else it will be redirected to your genuine private email address so that you can access the emails safely.

The peace will be better than budget:

While you may have expended a little high for getting a top domain name registration services, the mental peace which you will get will worth more than the price you have to pay for this.

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Which Type of Benefits You Can Have from a Windows Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata?


If you want to enjoy high-performance Website with excellent technical supports you should seek the services from windows dedicated server provider in Kolkata without any doubt. When you have the service from the Windows Dedicated Server Company, you may also have the facility for higher scalability and your Website will have much better security than any other types of Hosting services. A windows dedicated server company will give you the root access to the dedicated server as this server is provided exclusively for your use. It will be very easy for you to configure and adjust the settings as per the interests of your Business. You will also be able to install the desired scripts and the application as per the business requirements. A Company which anticipates a lot of traffic to the Website will need this type of Windows Dedicated Server where you can also get the necessary additional resources when desired. The companies which are very highly involved in financial transactions, and need to have a very high degree of security of the Websites, there cannot be a better option than to hire the services of windows dedicated server company in Kolkata


What advantages you will have with the Windows Dedicated server:

If you want a very high degree of security and you are using.Net technologies, it will be very much needed to sign up with a windows dedicated server company for getting a dedicated Windows. The Window only environment can offer you a lot of advantages.

1. Full control of the resources:

When you sign up with low cost windows dedicated server Kolkata, you have the full control over the resources of the server. You will also get these facilities at a reasonable price. If the choice is made for managed hosting with a dedicated server, it will be further better. Here, you will get guarantee from the host for uptime as well as for speed. The host will also be responsible for managing the server and for providing the necessary security aspects to the server. The Windows dedicated server allows you to focus on several important areas of the business which need development without any problem.

2. Support database of other Microsoft programs:

The Windows Dedicated server will also provide necessary support with the databases which are running on programs like the Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access. The top windows dedicated server provider in Kolkata which provides Windows Dedicated Servers can also provide support for the Microsoft Visual Basic.

3. Access to several development tools:

A windows dedicated server company provides the best platform for using the development tools like the Front Page and Visual Interdev. For sharing information Share Point may also be suitably used. When you are using the services of MS office, it will be important for you to obtain a Windows Dedicated Server.

4. The easy to use interfaces:

This type of Windows dedicated server provided by the top windows dedicated server provider can also offer effective user-friendly interface. The hosting plans are very simple to use. The people who are not sound technically can also work with the Windows tools conveniently.

5. Updated and new User-friendly solutions:

Microsoft is working hard to update the existing versions and to develop new user-friendly solutions in order to help the customers to have the best experience. Moreover, it is always possible to get support from the highly qualified professional of Microsoft team to sort out any issue effectively.

What Beautiful Use You Can Experience from a Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata?


If you want to enjoy a seamless performance of Website operation without any limitation of usage and without any security threat, there is nothing better than to get the service from a dedicated server company in Kolkata. There are several advantages you can have when you have joined hands with a dedicated server provider. Let us try to bring out some of the very important advantages of having a dedicated server provider.

The availability of Dedicated Web server:

Dedicated server provider will be perfect for your search for a Hosting provider who can handle a lot of traffic to a Website easily. The Dedicated Web Hosting will be a much better alternative for you to handle the growth of your Website.

You are able to take suitable backups:

There can be a huge threat to the data security due to several reasons like human error, or technical failure or even natural disaster. When you seek the services of the dedicated server provider in Kolkata, it is possible to have the back up of all data of your Website periodically. This will ensure that it is possible to retrieve your data whenever there is a need for it.

The creation of suitable database:

The service of dedicated server provider can provide you with an efficient and reliable data storage system meant for several other applications. The Dedicated server can also be utilised suitably for analysing the data as well for archiving.

Several application servers:

If a Business is a single one and is also very large having several specific applications, it is possible to get multiple dedicated servers. The linux dedicated server provider in Kolkata can do this by providing multiple servers and by setting up each server with splitting and load distribution. This type of unique facility offered by the dedicated server provider can help your Business grow very quickly and can make you very successful in the online world.

The provision of the email server:

The Email servers will help you to manage your emails and to have control over the reception as well as the delivery and the distribution of such emails completely. The low cost dedicated server in Kolkata can help you to have your email in an owned domain. This enables you to manage the upload limit and the storage. When you have a dedicated server, it will also be possible for you to send heavy files without having a size cap.

VPN servers:

A dedicated server provider enables to have VPN servers which will provide the secure connections overall public networks and will also channelize the traffic very easily through these connections.

The facility for video streaming:

This facility again brought by the best linux dedicated server in Kolkata is unique. Since the Dedicated server can handle large traffic and also heavy files, this type of server is perfectly suitable for use of video streaming. If you look at various video streaming Websites, you will notice the use of the dedicated server. A dedicated server provider can give you the best satisfaction for the video streaming service.

Apart from the points discussed above, there are lot more uses you can have from the Dedicated Server Provider and each one of these uses are very helpful for the growth and operation of your Website.

The Important Functionalities You Should Look for in Your Web Hosting Service


While looking for a Web Hosting service, it often becomes a difficult proposition to differentiate among the various service providers. The linux web hosting providers have become smarter and offer simple features in such an attractive way, one becomes influenced very easily and often makes a costly mistake in selection. Important characteristics It is important to know the Key performance areas of a successful Web Hosting Company. The factors which will be very helpful for a Web Hosting Company to perform properly should be given top preference and a realistic analysis is required to be done without falling prey to the hoax and manipulated propaganda much time the Web Hosting companies take recourse to swindle the customers of their hard earned money. This article is meant for helping you to understand better about the exact and desired requirements from a linux web hosting company. These requirements will deal with the other features apart from the basic requirement of high-speed internet, good bandwidth, good storage space. FTP and other protocols and security aspects.

The provision for Emails, POP3, Auto responders and Mail Forwarding systems:

It is important to have your own email address related to your own domain particularly when you have your own site. The questions what you need to ask your web hosting providers may be as follows:

1. Whether the host will allow you to set up the email accounts in your Domain as per your wish in order to forward the emails to the current email address of yours.

2. Whether the host will allow you to store the emails received in the mail box

3. Whether an auto responder service which will send reply automatically when you are not in the station is permitted by the host.

4. Whether by using the email software, you will be able to retrieve your emails.

Provision of a good Control Panel:

The control panel is termed differently by different ecommerce web hosting company. However, the basic function of the Control Panel remains the same. The Control Panel allows maintaining the different aspects related to the Web account of yours by your own. The bare minimum things which a control Panel should perform are adding, deleting and managing the different email addresses of yours and to allow changing the passwords of your account. With a control panel, you will have the freedom to do all these things by yourself without seeking the help of the technical support team. Unless your Web Hosting service provides you with an option for a good Control Panel, you should not agree to sign up in such a Web Hosting Company.

The capability for multiple Domain Hosting and also Sub domains:

You may be thinking to start your Website and want to have multiple Domains or want to sell Web Space or else you might be thinking to have sub-domains hosting facility in your account. For all these activities to perform smoothly, you should seek prior approval from the Web Hosting Service and also make it clear about the fees they will charge for providing this facility. Many times the website hosting company charge monthly fees and sometimes they charge a onetime fee for which they offer discount and you should suitably judge the both the offers carefully before selecting a particular Web Hosting Company.

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Wonderful Potential of a Bulk SMS Reseller Program Makes it a Very Good Business Proposition


The trend of marketing strategy is shifting totally. It is no longer door to door marketing. With the evolving progress in technology, Marketing has also redefined its role for market penetration technique like bulk sms reseller business. The fast capturing mobile technology which has caught the fascination of young and adults and has broken the geographical boundaries like a house of cards has been eyed by the business houses to leverage very effectively for carrying out day to day activities much faster. The marketing people have used the facility of this advancement in mobile technology to its best potential and mobile marketing has been the buzzword these days. The theme to mobile marketing revolves around bulk text messaging for reaching the customers across far off locations and also reaching them very fast. The communication gap between the customers ‘knowledge and the new product launching or any other sort of activities carried out by the company has been totally overcome by use of this fastest communication method of texting which is highly cost-effective. The brevity of the messages makes it more convenient to read quickly by the customers even if they are on the move. The advent of Bulk SMS Gateway for Bulk message texting at a very cheap price is a wonderful thing which could have happened to bolster the easy and effective communication. The business entrepreneurs, Government agencies, Educational Institutes, The Banking sectors, the travel industries, etc who were highly dependent on the costly print media or the costly advertisement on the TV and which reached the customers very late, have been fast doing away with these conventional and ineffective methods and the highly effective communication method of text messaging is being used. The Bulk Text Message Gateway service has brought in the concept of bulk sms reseller in Kolkata which is a very cheap program and the business houses are taking up this program to carry out their jobs more efficiently.

How you get started for Bulk SMS Reseller business:

It is indeed very simple to start your Bulk SMS Reseller program. Just team up with an SMS service provider and arrange a small computer in your home. You can do the business of bulk sms reseller in India sitting at the comfort of your home quite easily. The SMS service provider will provide you the option of buying text messages in bulk which you can further sell to the customers. The price at which you can sell the SMS to your customers will decide your profit. The chances of generating good revenue are high because when your purchase a Bulk SMS you get a good discount which decreases the cost per SMS significantly. The customer base you can generate will be further boosted by the availability of a wide network of customers already available with the service provider. Also, the service provider comes up offering you a well-designed Websites where you can select from the number of free templates available for choosing the design of your Website and can configure the control panel at your wish. This facility will tremendously help you to promote your own brands for the best bulk sms reseller business while staying under the guidance of the service provider.

Where is the Bulk SMS Reseller program effective?

The bulk SMS reseller program has been in use very popularly among the various government agencies, retailers, footwear industries, education and health care, real estates, hospitality sectors, Banking Industries, etc. However, it can be a very effective way of promoting ads by the advertising agencies. The Ad companies can augment the potential of top bulk sms reseller program by suitably capitalizing the facility for sending ads to the customers unobtrusively with a very low investment and good return.

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