What is the Purpose of Domain Name and Domain Registration?


The purpose of a Domain Name and domain registration is still not very clear to many users particularly those who have started using computers recently or have started using the internet for not long. Many people still confuse Domain names with IP or Internet Protocol address or the URLs or Universal Resource Locators. It is important that the difference is understood clearly before taking up the domain name registration services. The terms should be understood clearly also to explain it to the persons across an organisation. The URL can be considered as the address of a Web page and it precisely locates where the Web page is hosted. While the IP address will be like a car which will reach its destination correctly. Let us discuss this in a bit detail.

The URLs and the Domain Names:

The Universal Resource Locator gives a set of directions and the details are contained in the address. The Domain Name is a part of the UR. The most visible and recognized part of an address is the Domain Name. When the URL is typed in the browser, the Domain Name which is contained in the URL will point towards the requested page. The instruction which is contained in the URL has to point to the location correctly and the IP address which is basically a numerical code will precisely do the job.

The IP addresses and the Domain Names explained:

The IP address or the Internet Protocol is different from the Domain Name. The Domain Name will function as the vital link to the IP address. The Domain Name will point to the actual place where the actual information of the IP address is located. The Domain Name can be considered as the nickname for the IP address. A big string of numbers which the IP address represent is not possible to be remembered by a person and thus the creation of Domain Name makes it very easy to make a domain name registration. Unless there was a Domain Name, Domain Registration would have been a nightmare. In short, a Domain Name can be considered to be part of the URL which will point to an IP address accurately.

The functions represented by Domain Name:

The Domain Name is synonymous with the physical address in an Internet. Specific information is provided by each part of the Domain Name. The Web page thus can be located by the browser effectively when the Domain Name is typed. This naming system can prevent confusion and the chances of making duplicate address will be arrested. Thus the domain provider can made the domain registration more correctly in an easier way.

What way the Domain Name works:

The Domain Registration is made with a Domain Name. This works easily as they are easy to type in a computer. The Domain Name is read from the right side to the left. This will provide direction to a network. This will ultimately result in successful loading of the page and the client will enjoy easy transaction. The Domain extension plays a very critical role in Domain Registration for the best domain registration company. The letter after the dot represents the Top-level Domain and the letters immediately before the dot represents the sub-domain. The WWW is the prefix of the sub domain. The naming system in the Domain can identify the countries as well as the organisations and the categories of the organisation.

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The Technicalities Involved In Domain Registration


Like any other process, the process of domain registration has also lot of steps involved in it. Much brain has gone into building the procedures for domain name registration services and framing the rules and regulations of Registration. The governance of domain registration which has been prevailing today was not available previously. The people are also getting aware of various processes involved in this activity and the Websites are being built more competitively than ever before. There are a lot of technical issues involved in Domain Registration and it is highly desirable for you to know these terminologies and the details steps involved for registering your domain so that you are not left way behind in this stiff competition. Let us start discussing a few important processes of domain registration.

The meaning of the term ‘Registrant’:

The person or an organisation, who is seeking to register the name of the Domain, is known as Registrant. Normally application to the Registrar or to the authorised Reseller is submitted on line for domain name registration. A Registrant has to act as per the guidelines set by a Registrar. The guidelines include but not limited to the following very important conditions:

  1. The code of conduct as framed need to be followed by the Registrant.

  2. The Registrant has to indemnify the Registrar or the Registry to indemnify them against any type of legal action resulted due to use of a Domain name.

  3. The payment of Registration fees and renewal of Registration fees should be done in time to avoid cancellation of Domain Registration.

  4. Submission of authentic data as per guidelines set by ICANN for updating WHOIS data.

  5. Updating of data in case of any changes made in personal information.

Also the Registrant need to select the Name server so that the Domain Registration process should go in tandem with the listing of the registered Domain Name in the Name Server. Sometimes the Name Server service is offered by the Domain Registrar himself. However in case the Registrar does not come up with an offer, or in case the Registrant decides to opt out of the service offered by the Domain Registrar, he or she has to locate or own a name server for hosting the domain.

How much do you know about a Registrar?

The controlling authority for activities in the internet ICANN has made guidelines for organisations opting to become Registrar. Registrars have to be accredited by ICANN and they are also bound by the RAA agreement. As per the agreement, the Registrar has the responsibility of collection of accurate WHOIS data and to maintain the data for future reference. The Registrar shall collect the Registration fees due for the Registrants and will also collect the renewal fees in time. The Registrars are supposed to submit all the data collected to the Registry to maintain the same carefully. Therefore make your personal data and contact information ready for cheapest domain registration so that inadequacy in your data is not reflected in the registration process.

Domain Reseller is also important thing to know:

Sometimes you may want to seek the services of a Reseller from your domain provider for your Domain Registration. The Domain Reseller is authorized by the Registrars to perform their businesses and they need not be accredited to ICANN. While a Domain Reseller can proceed with the Domain Registration for the Registrants, the responsibility of the Registrations will be lying with the Registrar and the Registrar will be accountable to ICANN for any abnormality found in the process.

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What Factors Influence in Favour of Private Domain Registration?


ICANN has made it mandatory to furnish the detail contact information when a Domain Name is purchased. The contact information consists of your name, the mailing address as well as the permanent address, email address, your phone number, etc. This contact information will be taken for each Domain purchased and the contact information will further be updated in WHOIS database. The WHOIS database can be thought of a searchable directory and this is available to the public for knowing about the Domain Name information. The Domain Registration will not be complete unless the detail contact information is submitted to the Registrar who will further transmit the information to the WHOIS database. However, the problem with the personal information stored in the WHOIS database is that it is accessible to everybody and anybody can misuse the contact information. The use of private domain name registration will protect you from potential dangers of hacking your contact information. By use of the Private Domain Registration, you can keep the contact information out of reach of strangers. The Domain Registrar will replace the contact information submitted by you with his own contact information. However, you need to pay some additional fee for making a private Domain Registration. The important reasons which should go in favour of private Domain Registration are as follows:

Your privacy will be protected:

The cases of identity thefts are very common in present time. This risk of your personal information is high when your details are available in the database of WHOIS. This can be alleviated to a great extent by going for private Domain Registration. The person who will try to steal your contact details will find the proxy service only.

It will be easier to stop solicitation which is unwanted:

The risk for becoming the target of the spammers increase when your contact information is disseminated. Your contact information can be also accessible to those who do not have best of intentions. Even your business email can be accessed by the spammers who can cause the problem to you and to your customers also. Telemarketers also access and use your phone numbers for meeting their needs in an unscrupulous manner. Once you complete the personal Domain Registration, you can get protected from such problems.

Have control of your Domain and personal data:

With the private domain booking company, the personal information can be kept away from WHOIS database. It is possible for you to decide which data will be made public and displayed on the Website for your Business. You should provide contact information which is safe for use both for you’re and also for your customers.

Your email may be disguised by you:

Once you have made a private Domain Registration, Your domain provider should be able to provide you with a unique email address. This email address will be changing in the WHOIS database every 10 days and this will keep the spammers at bay. The emails which will be sent to such email address will be either filtered or marked as spam or else it will be redirected to your genuine private email address so that you can access the emails safely.

The peace will be better than budget:

While you may have expended a little high for getting a top domain name registration services, the mental peace which you will get will worth more than the price you have to pay for this.

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What Is Needed To Be Done To Get The Domain Registration For The Business Right?

What Is Needed To Be Done To Get The Domain Registration For The Business Right?


The present-day Business scenario has made it almost mandatory that a Website should accompany a Business. The Website has become the media for doing online Business. The people are getting aware of the functions of Business much better through the Websites irrespective of the geographical remoteness. Also, it is possible to access to the products of a particular domain provider company and to order and use such products which may be liked by a customer. Had there been no Website, this would not have been possible. Therefore, the very first thing a new Business needs to do is open a Website for its Business. In order to open a Website, you need to get a Domain and further, you should make your Domain Registration properly. For a Business, it is very important that you get a Business Domain Name. You are needed to pay some extra amount to get a Business Domain name. This article will provide some useful tips for getting Business Domain Names and for Business Domain Registration.

The base should be covered properly during the selection of the Business Domain Name:

There may be a situation that you have made Domain Registration with a particular Domain Name and Domain extension. After completing your Domain Registration you may find the same Domain name with a different extension has already been registered. If the Domain selected by another Business may be running well and if the same is SEO friendly, it may pose a serious competition to your Business. This problem may be avoided by taking intelligent steps like completing the Domain Registration with other extensions also. This will protect your Business Domain Name and also help it get protection from abuse.

The Business Domain Names may be parked together:

In case you have made Domain Registration with multiple Domain Names or with multiple Domain extensions, it will be a very good idea to place all the domain name registration or extensions with the same provider of the service. If you had parked the domain names with different service providers, it would have been difficult for you to manage the Domain names effectively.

Do not get bogged down:

It may also happen that you are left with only one important extension for the best domain registration company of your Domain Name. When you find that there is only one domain extension available for Domain Registration, it means that someone might have already utilised other extension with the same Domain Name. It will be wise that you should seek some other Domain Name which resembles closely your Business, instead of or making Domain Registration with the only extension available.

The net should be cast wide:

You need to think of a long term plan for your Business. Whether you will want to be in the same Business or whether you will like to diversify into new Business or make an expansion, etc should be thought of when you are choosing a Domain Name for Domain Registration. If you choose a very narrow Business Domain Name, it will prove to be a problem in the long run.

It will be better for you to choose a short Business Domain Name:

It is always better to opt for a short Domain Name for Domain Registration India. This is because the chances of making mistakes with a short Domain Name is lesser while you are typing the name in a browser. Therefore, it is suggested that you should choose a short Domain Name for your Business Domain which should adequately represent your Business.

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What Things You Need To Take Care Of While Making A Domain Registration?

What Things You Need To Take Care Of While Making A Domain Registration?


The issue of Domain Registration has got a lot of attention in recent times. In earlier days the competition for making a new Website was not so intense. However, with the passage of time, the online Business has become more lucrative. People have understood that there is the infinite possibility of growth in the online world. This growth opportunity has increased the rush for opening more and more Websites to start online Business. Everybody is trying to secure a premium place in the online world. It becomes all the more difficult to secure a good Domain Name due to the tremendous rush for the best domain registration company. The chances of making mistakes also go very high in this scenario. Here are a few tips which should be followed for making a better choice for Domain Registration.

You are the Registrant and the owner of the Domain:

It will be always difficult to have full control on your Domain, until and unless you apply for the domain name registration in your name. It may be a blunder, if you choose to make the Registration in somebody else’s name as in that case, the ownership of the Domain will be in favour of that person. In some cases, you may not want online anonymity. If that is the case, you can achieve that anonymity by seeking the Domain Privacy. The Domain privacy will hide you while you will continue to remain the legal owner.

The contact details as mentioned in your account should be up to date:

There are many Registrants who have failed to update the contact details of their account which they had submitted during the Domain Registration. The failure to update the account details means that the Registrar will not be able to notify you about the important updates from time to time. Also, it will not be possible for the Registrar to inform yours about the renewal reminder of your Domain Registration. The periodical interaction with the Registry or the Registrar is highly important to keep the health of the domain provider in good shape. Also, the technical operation and the management of the name server will also require several communications and therefore the correct contact details will be very essential.

Auto-renewal will be very helpful:

The renewal of your Domain Registration India at the right time is highly important. In case the renewal is not made at the right time, the Domain Name will expire. This means that Website will be down and also you will lose all the email address kept in your Domain. Ultimately, you may lose your Domain Name. There is a very active market known in the name of an after market. This market is highly active with names that have expired by accidents and then these are sold or auctioned in this market. There are big brands even who had encountered the problem of loss of Domain Name or might have narrowly escaped the same. The ideal scenario may be to make auto-renewal of your Domain Registration. Over-dependence with the Registrar might prove to be ineffective and you may forget to renew the Domain Name in time. The Auto renewal process will give you extra comfort and security for your Domain Name. Do not let your hard work which has gone to build your online Business and make your Website popular go ashtray due to such incidences.

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What does Domain Registration and Domain Expiry Mean?


The Domain Registration process is very vital for securing a Business entry in the online world. The correct way of Domain Registration will ensure the success of a Business and make a mark for the brands in the online world. Let us first try to understand the terms related to the domain name registration.

What is meant by Registrant?

 A Registrant is a person or the organisation who is seeking the Domain Registration. Sometimes, a Registrar or somebody else put his name for registering Domain Names on behalf of the people who are the actual owner of the Domain. This is often problematic if there is a disagreement between the two and this problem arise out of the Domain ownership.

The definition and role of the Domain Registrar:

 Domain Registrar is the company which is responsible for registering the Domain. The Domain Registrar needs to be authorised from the authorising body in order to be able to register the Domain. The body responsible for authorising the selling of Domain Names is ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is very important to check the details of the company before cheapest domain registration and assure that it is an authorised seller of Domain Name. There are different types of Domain Name sellers. The body which is looking after domain names which are country-specific may be different than a general register of Domains.

 For example, a .can domain name is looked after by CIRA. For checking the country-specific Domain authorities, you need to look for IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Website and further look for the Root-Zone WHO is Information. It will be prudent to avoid a domain name registration services which has hosting included. It will be advisable to seek everything with different companies. This may be a bit irritating for you but in the long run, you will find the utility of such step. In case you have certain disagreements with the service provider of yours, you will have total control of the situation and not your providers of the services. Also, it will be comparatively easy to change the services of the providers whenever you want without any cost if you read the terms and the conditions and follow these meticulously.

The role of Dome Name Server or the DNS:

 The Domain Name Server or the DNS is the server responsible for your Web Hosting. The DNS keep track of the hosted domains in their servers as well as their IP address. When you register a Domain Name, you may not need this information right away, however, when the Web Hosting will be in place, you need to update it. Until the time you have your own DNS, it is probable that the top ten domain registration company will allow using the Domain Name servers of theirs. In web terminology, this is also known as the “Parking” of a Domain Name.

The expiry of the Domain:

If you purchase a Domain Name, you should remember that you do not own that Domain forever. It is definite that the Domain Registration will expire after a fixed term. You will be asked to confirm the period for which you need to do the Domain Registration during the Registration process. The period can range anything from one to ten years. Some domain booking company will send you a reminder prior to expiry but there may be some who may not inform you. You will have between one to two months time as the grace period to renew the Domain before the Domain is available for purchase to the general public. Again, this grace period may not be given by all Registrars.

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What Role The Generic Top Level Domain Plays in Domain Registration?


If you already have a Website of your own or you want to make a fresh Domain Registration, you should have a fair idea about the gtlds or the generic Top Level Domain. The well known generic Top Level Domains are .com or .org or, net or.biz, etc. These Domains are unrestricted and are normally available with the top domain registration company. Anyone who is willing to acquire a new Domain Name can go for the Domain Registration with a Registrar and may ask for such Domain Name. Let us a further discussion about the generic Top Level Domain in more details.

What is meant by a generic Top Level Domain?

 In technical terms, a generic Top Level Domain is among the very important types of Top Level Domains and these are used as the suffix for the domains. The suffix is put at the end of a Domain. Presently there are 22 generic Top Level Domains available having around 250 country code Top Level Domain or ccTLDs like .de,.jp, etc. The availability of such Top Level Domains is ensured by ICANN to let organisation grow on a multidimensional path. ICANN is trying to introduce several new Top Level Domains to make the domain registration Services.

Top Level Domains for brands:

 Top Level Domains are being planned to launch for various brands in order to endorse the reach of the brands. These brands could be for the sports teams, for corporations or for any other high-profile entities. Apart from protecting the brands, and the trademarks, it will also help to improve the trust of the brand. The cheapest domain registration made with such Domain Names can become very popular within a short time.

The Top Level Domains for communities:

 ICANN has been planning to introduce Top Level Domains for the organisation and the like-minded communities who have been trying to move ahead with some noble cause. This effort will make the organisation and the communities to promote, to share and to protect goals as well as missions of the communities.

Different types of Top Level Domains:

 ICANN has made certain guidelines for the TLDs. Different categories of TLDs are made as per the guidelines of the ICAAN. The categories are made are making serious stipulations considering the needs and the associated approaches for the Business Domain online. The domain name registration with these TLDs needs considerate approach it will be prudent to explore in bit details about such Top Level Domains.

The gTLDs which are unrestricted:

 These types of TLDs are available for Domain Registration by all domain booking company or all business establishments. The premier names of such Top Level Domains are .info, .com, .org, .net, etc.  Earlier, it was only .info which was having this stature for unrestricted TLD, but presently the other extensions have joined this group for domain registration.

The use of sponsored gTLDs:

 The sponsored gTLDs are unlike the unrestricted TLDs. These Domains are proposed as well as conceived for organisations and private agencies which place stringent rules as well as conditions to make them eligible for use. Some example of such TLDs is .aero, .cat, .edu, .mil, etc.

The use of geographic TLDs:

 This is also a generic TLD used for Domain Registration. These TLDs are offered to the establishment and the institutions that have an association with geopolitical, geographical or ethnic or cultural communities, etc throughout the world. Some example of such TLDs is .bcn, .berlin, .lat, etc.

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